finally Friday

and the big fella just called to say he’s on the road home.  Yay!

Further to the fantastic chocolate chip cookie recipe mentioned below, I found these:


at our local bulk food store – and much less expensive than using Lindt bars.  It’s not bittersweet, but I can adjust the sugar to compensate.  They’re a little bloomy but in the interest of science I tasted one (er, a couple) and they’re just fine!

huh?  whaaa?
huh? whaaa?

I’ve managed to finish the body of the FLS and have started the first sleeve.  I wasn’t sure what length I was going to make the sleeves, but after browsing the many threads on the Rav discussion forums, I decided to make a full-length sleeve, but to narrow it somewhat.  I don’t mind a bell sleeve, but I don’t want one that is ridiculously full.  So I’ve decreased one repeat away.

Yesterday we went out in the yard; it was pretty cold and we’d been for a nice long walk in the morning, so the afternoon pee break was just running around the yard.

Sabrina just LOVES to chase Apollo.
Sabrina just LOVES to chase Apollo.
Apollo loves to run
Apollo loves to run
the tail end ...
the tail end ...
3 ... 2 ... 1 ... blast off!
3 ... 2 ... 1 ... blast off!
mommy, Im comintagetcha!
mommy, I'm comintagetcha!

He loves to buzz the tower; he’ll come racing up to me and I cringe, waiting for him to take me out at the knee caps, but then at the very last second he’ll veer off …. whew!

In my tRAVels today I came across this very cute little hat pattern: the Robin’s Egg Blue Hat (here’s the Rav Link and I can’t wait to finish the Feb Lady Sweater so that I can move onto some of these cute, smaller projects!


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