a garter stitch border away

from an F.O.  I managed to work my way down both sleeves of the February Lady Sweater and have only the 1.5 inches of garter stitch cuff to complete on the second sleeve, weaving in the ends, sewing the buttons on and some steam blocking to call this one done.

nicely belled cuff
nicely belled cuff
happy dog
happy dog

The big fella made it home Friday afternoon; Sabrina happily sprawled all over him during the evening t.v. watching.  Awwww!  She was not so happy, however, when he got the suitcase out again Monday morning.

hmmph.  Leaving again.
hmmph. Leaving again.

He was off to Edmonton for Remembrance Day services at his mother’s.  They’ll be back here tomorrow.  Yes, his mother is coming to visit for a few days.

Apollo stole his squirrel baby away from Sabrina - mine!
Apollo stole his squirrel baby away from Sabrina - "mine!"

Apollo’s had a limp yesterday and so far today.  It doesn’t slow him down in the back yard, but when he’s walking it does.  I’ve felt his leg, shoulder to toes and nothing feels hotter than the rest, and I can manipulate the joints and it doesn’t garner any reaction from him.  The way they race around the back yard, aka race track, I can see he might have pulled a muscle, etc.  We’ll see how it is tomorrow.  Sabrina’s sore paw pad is fine now – I think she just scraped it last week when she was out walking with the big fella (and he fell on her … but that’s another story!).

whut? Is beautiful and youre not.
whut? I's beautiful and you're not.

I’m sitting here waiting for the electrician to arrive to finish the wiring for the furnace/thermostat and air conditioner.  He was here Friday afternoon for a few hours, but realized he’d have to come back to finish the a/c wiring.  He was supposed to be here “first thing” this a.m.  Tick, tock, still not here.  I am doing whatever chores I can do that I won’t be in his way … if all else fails, I’ll just sit down and finish that sleeve cuff.

In browsing the Rav the other day, I came across a great pattern by Jared Flood for the Cobblestone Pullover, which is a yoked, garter stitch pullover. It looks great! If you’re on Ravelry, you can see more great photos here. If not, do a Google Image search for “cobblestone sweater” and you’ll find some other photos. I’m thinking I could make one of those for the big fella. I need to look and see what suitable yarn I have in my stash …


One thought on “a garter stitch border away”

  1. I’m so glad Sabrina had her snuggle time with the Big Guy. Such devotion. The tongue cracks me up every time.

    Looking forward to seeing you model the F.O. February Lady Sweater. It looks cute in the pics so far.

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