February Lady Sweater deets


Wow, I look like death warmed over – but the sweater looks FAB!

Moda Dea Silk n Wool in wasabi #4232
Moda Dea Silk 'n Wool in "wasabi" #4232

[Edited to add: I made the XS size.  My research indicated that many knitters had trouble with the sizing and their FOs were huge.  My finished chest size was 38.75″.]  I had seven skeins of the yarn available.  I decided to make full length sleeves; I used all but 39 g of the seven skeins.  The only modification I made was to decrease away one (7 st) repeat of the gull lace at the underarm of the sleeve.  If I was going to make the short or 3/4 length sleeve, I would have tapered it more.

back view
back view

If I were going to work this pattern again, I would disregard the YO increases on the yoke and do a M1 so there’s no holes.  I think it detracts from the rest of the sweater.

cute little sweater!
cute little sweater!

So that little project is officially an “F.O.” and I can see getting a lot of wear from this.  I just love that colour, too.

On Friday, Sabrina was thrilled that not only did she have her daddy home, her grandpa came over to visit, too:

shes not spoiled ... at all!
she's not spoiled ... at all!

And if that weren’t enough excitement, then Auntie Monica came over to knit – yesterday AND today!

this couch is almost not big enough for both of us!!
"this couch is almost not big enough for both of us!!"

Apollo has been resting his sore paw.  Poor boy.  I’m going to take him to the vet tomorrow or Tuesday, whenever they can fit us in, to see what’s up with that.

Ill feel better if I had a cookie!
I'll feel better if I had a cookie!

8 thoughts on “February Lady Sweater deets”

  1. The FLS looks great! I’m working on the same pattern – hope mine turns out as nicely.

    Poor Apollo – I hope he doesn’t have an abscess, and that the vet fixes him right up!

    Sabrina looks so much like our (sadly departed) Whippet, Fiona. I bet they would have gotten along great together.

    Have a lovely week!

  2. I left a comment on Ravelry but I’ll say here again how much I love your version of this sweater. I didn’t care for the mid-length sleeves on the original design. You’ve done a beautiful piece of knitting and the colour is perfect.

    I hope Apollo’s sore paw will be ok.

  3. Beautiful! Love the colour, the sweater looks great on you. You have snow? Very mild down here, it was 15°C yesterday. Robin sends healing vibes to Apollo.

  4. I think the FLS has moved up higher in my cue. That turned out FABULOUS!

    Keep us posted on Apollo’s sore paw paw. They sure know how to look pitiful when they need to, don’t they?

  5. That sweater is bee-yoo-tee-fool. The model don’t look so bad, neither. I may have to try that sweater now. I have the same yarn in blue, and you may just have provided the inspiration I need. So, maybe in the next eight or ten months…

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