I thought I’d have some socks to show

but I don’t.  I didn’t leave the house yesterday except to take the poopers on a very slow walk just before dark.  We had Apollo to see the vet on Monday because he’d been limping so badly and it hadn’t shown any signs of improvement.  She gave him a good going over (weight 81.5, down from 84 in March), took his temp, manipulated all his joints, neck, etc. and determined the problem is his right shoulder joint.  She said it could be simply an inflammation, in which case the prescribed Meloxicam should help, if not then they’ll take an xray and see what’s in there.  She said it could be a bone chip or other foreign matter/tissue that he’d obtained during his racing career that has worked its way into the joint.  She did say not to jump right away to worse case scenario such as it being a bone tumor, etc.  So we’ll see how he goes.  She said to make him rest – which is ridiculously difficult as whenever he goes out in the back yard, he thinks it’s a racetrack.

if one bed is good, then two must be better
if one bed is good, then two must be better

The big fella was worried that the beds in the living room weren’t cushy enough for Mr. Apollo, so we’ve stacked them up with the ones from the basement.  Apollo doesn’t go down in the basement family room very much at all, so they’re put to better use upstairs.

So I’m working on a nice pair of charcoal six-ply socks.  I had tried several different textures but they all got lost in the darkness of the wool.  I tried the fluted pattern but you couldn’t see it, waffle stitch – the same. Oh, I also tried to make these using the stitch pattern from the BFF Socks and in that charcoal wool the cables knit up beautifully! But … I used my normal cast on of 60 stitches and didn’t take into account the pull-in factor of the cables.  So they were too small.  I tried it on my foot and barely got it over my heel.  I wore in on my wrist/forearm for a while as I contemplated my options.  I ripped it out and then decided to just make my usual 5×1 ribbed sock.  I’ll keep the wrist warmer and cable sock idea on the back burner for another time, though.  Hopefully I’ll have the socks finished tonight or tomorrow.

While I didn’t go out yesterday, I had yarn come to me.  I decided to go ahead and order some of Elann’s

Peruvian Highland Donegal wool in #1162 hazelnut
Peruvian Highland Donegal wool in #1162 hazelnut

with which to make a men’s Cobblestone Pullover (rav link there, Jarod’s blog entry here).  It’s slightly less saturated than in the photo above.  Very nice wool, though, and once I’m done my plethora of smaller projects, I’ll start on that one.  I think it will suit the big fella very nicely, especially since I’ve made note of the small refinements in fit I can make from the finished Seamless Hybrid project.

No princess pics today, but just look at past entries and imagine her sleeping, cockroached and tongue lolling and you’ve got the idea!

It’s snowy here, not too cold, and I do have to go run some errands later today (plus I have a “European Torte and Pastry” class I’ve signed up for – still debating if I’m going to attend) and I could mix up a batch of those NY Times cookies to bake off tomorrow …


4 thoughts on “I thought I’d have some socks to show”

  1. poor Apollo, my very best wishes to him. I hope all will be ok soon.

    I love the colour of wool you are using for the Cobblestone pullover, one of my favourite sweater designs.

  2. Poor Baby! In addition to Bill and Linda, we have an 8 year old shep/husky mix who has had two episodes of limping. Each time, we had the vet check him thoroughly and each time it was unconclusive. We even checked for lyme.

    Nothing. Scares me, though, like I’m sure you two are worried. I’ll send positive thoughts, Bill and Linda will do a healing dance!

    Keep Knitting, Jan

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