hat adjustment, and some socks

I decided to unravel the Ribs hat and add four more rounds before doing the crown decreases.  That made it completely perfect!  I really like the hat and probably am going to make myself one, too.  After I finished the revamping, the big fella tried it on, but was laying on the couch.  So I stepped in yesterday and took a couple of pics:

the colours off ... its grey and earthy brown
the colour's off ... it's grey and earthy brown (and my hair isn't really that red, IS it??)

I have more of that Bernat Cashmere Blend, but I also have a few balls of Noro Kureyon and Silk Garden …

crown decreases
crown decreases

After finishing the 6-ply charcoal socks, I cast on immediately for a pair of No Purl Monkeys using some of Rabbitch’s toe jam sock yarn (thanks, Ande!). That’s a rav link; her store link seems to be unavailable at present.  This is colour “black orchid” and it’s delightful.  I think the texture of the pattern gets a little lost in the striping of the yarn.

No Purl Monkeys
No Purl Monkeys
one sock waiting for the heel
one sock waiting for the heel

Thanks, everyone, for your good thoughts about Sabrina.  She had another episode on Monday afternoon, so we took her to see the vet and she was thoroughly examined, head, ears, nose, mouth, jaws, tongue, teeth, down her throat (!) and there was nothing indicating what could be causing the drooling.  It did subside later in the evening.

I had posted a note on the Rav greyhound knitters board and had some interesting theories in reply.  The one that makes sense to me is she somehow injested something toxic to her, and while it works its way out of her system, the exertion from running in the back yard or from going for a long walk exacerbates it and causes the drooling episodes.  I’ve been watching her closely and keeping good notes, so we’ll see what happens next.  Yesterday when the big fella got home from work, we took the poopers out for a very long walk and Sabrina didn’t drool at all yesterday (except like she normally does when I put the chicken meat on their kibble).  And Apollo’s limp is almost gone.  We’ve cut back on the Meloxicam and he seems to be back to his bouncy self again.  So we’ll just keep an eye on the pair of them.  I was saying to the big fella that they’re more trouble than they’re worth (very tongue-in-cheek!) and he said “just look at them – those eyes, that’s why we do it!” and there were two pairs of warm, coppery eyes following our every move.  Damn dogs!


One thought on “hat adjustment, and some socks”

  1. That’s a very handsome sock … speaking of which …

    I was cruising knitty.com, and one of the articles there (“It’s the little things”, by David Demchuk) mentioned a pattern for socks made with worsted weight yarn. When clicked the link, though, I got a “str.fileNotFound” error.

    Did you move those pages to to Ravelry?
    (Then I’ll just have to be patient for my invitation to arrive.)

    Did the blog monster eat them?
    (Sorry to hear about that …)


    (a knitting and crocheting guy)

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