Who DID shoot J.R. anyway?

Yes, that’s an example of the things that amble through my mind when I’m on my bike on the trainer. And don’t you just love wikipedia for having the answer?

I try to have something on the tv or dvd that will occupy my mind and lessen the boredom of stationary cycling.  The past two mornings I’ve been watching Her Alibi (1989) with Tom Selleck and Paulina Porizkova. It’s such a goofy movie, it makes me laugh!

Purple No Purl Monkey Socks
Purple No Purl Monkey Socks

The socks turned out quite nice.  I like how the striping happened on the sole of the sock.  It’s not as noticeable on the instep because of the texture of the no-purl monkey stitches.  I was looking forward to finishing these off and moving onto other (small) projects.


Those are the Meilenweit socks, sitting there in my little basket.  I was planning on doing the Gentleman’s Shooting Stockings with Fluted Pattern” (rav link) using my own formula and the stitch texture pattern, but I think that the fluting might be lost in the variegations of the yarn. So they’re sitting there at the end of the cuffs waiting for my decision.

Apollo goes mental
Apollo goes mental

Proof that Apollo does, indeed, do more than sleep all day.  He’ll come out of the computer room or his room and prance down the hallway, do a downward-facing-dog stretch (and I swear I can see right through him by how wide is jaws open during the yawn), then bark and wag his tail while he runs down the hall.  Sometimes he’ll run to the mirror at the end of the hall and bark at that exceedingly handsome dog looking back at him.  Sometimes he’ll run into the living room and grab a squeaky toy …

but youre accustomed to his usual posture ^^
but you're accustomed to his usual posture ^^

(don’t look directly into the zombie eye)

the princess, melting
the princess, melting off her throne

After finishing the purple socks last night, I grabbed some Noro Silk Garden and cast on for another That Chocolate’s Gone Straight to Your Ribs hat. I really liked how the big fella’s turned out, so I decided to use the same 4 mm needles and 90 stitch cast on.

Noro Silk Garden #206
Noro Silk Garden #206

Those colours are a bit less saturated in real life.  Nice colours, though.  I’ve only used Noro Kureyon once before and while I love, love LOVE Noro’s great colourways, the itchiness factor has kept me away.  So far I like the Silk Garden.  I also have a couple of balls of Kureyon in stash, as well as a few balls of the Kureyon sock yarn, and some Cashmere Island that I got for a specific project.  (I just realized, in looking at that Yarndex page, that colour #206 was discontinued THREE YEARS AGO, yet I just picked it up at the pathetic excuse of a local yarn store.  That store scares me.  Ande, Monica, Judy, you know what I’m talking about!)

We have a nasty windchill today, so when we take the poopers out, we’re all going to have to bundle up.  Last night when we went out it was +3°C, but was windy.  When I was in bed reading last night I could hear the wind howling and thought something was blowing in.


One thought on “Who DID shoot J.R. anyway?”

  1. I know what you mean about the LYS- I asked for some cashmere or some such fibre once, she had to go into the basement to get it, had to blow the dust off the balls, and wouldn’t dicker on the price at all. Honestly, it had to be ten years old. (So you may think the price was already low, but good grief, it was dusty.)

    When our two mutts go out in the backyard, one of them stands at the door and looks longingly inside, while the other one “wallaces” around the yard at high speed. If the spirit moves him while he is inside, it’s laps around the stairwell. Anything to break up the day, I suppose.

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