I thought the wind was gone

but in checking I see we still have windchill of -17°C.  Hmph.  Well, it’s better than it has been and we’re going to take the poopers out shortly for a nice walk.  It will do us all good.  The big fella has been away, but he got in a little while ago and is road-weary.  The fresh air will revive him.

Last night I made these Morning Glory Muffins. There is a place we like to go for lunch (the Bison Cafe) from time to time, and I always get one or two of their Morning Glory Muffins to take home. I had searched for recipes to make a similar muffin at home.

Morning Glory Muffins
Morning Glory Muffins

The ingredients are very close – the shredded carrots and apples, the pepitas (hulled pumpkin seeds), cranberries (although I think their version might have pineapple?), etc.

yummy goodness
yummy goodness

The muffin is quite … not gooey, but moist, I guess would be the word.  The Bison’s muffins are dark brown, so I wonder if substituting molasses instead of brown sugar would darken the batter up?

In other news, I did in fact finish the wrist warmers/fingerless gloves last night.  I gave them a little bath and set them out to dry.  They’re very, very nice!  I might have a hard time giving them away!

nice Noro Cashmere Island wristers


Once I was done with them, I picked up my Noro Ribs hat and worked a few rounds on that.  I still have other small projects in my queue to be made, so I’m looking forward to that.

In still other news, I discovered yesterday that my external hard drive (upon which I save EVERYTHING because the h.d. on my laptop is so small) has decided to not work.  Thanks to my mad google-fu I discovered that the problem lies not in the hard drive itself, but rather the case which encloses it.  I have ordered a new case (they have a little circuit board inside) and hope that will fix the problem and allow me access to my files.  All of my digital photos are on there as well as dozens of knitting files and pdfs.  I also ordered a second external hard drive to use as another back up so that when my four year old laptop finally craps out, I’ll have easy access to that data.


3 thoughts on “I thought the wind was gone”

  1. Hello!

    I found your blog today then I was looking on the internet for help to make “Raggsockor” as we say in Sweden! 🙂 Thank you very much for your site “socks 101” I have saved it as i favourite!

    Your wristwarmers looks very nice. Can you describe how you made them?


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