Why adopt a greyhound?

In the greyhound adoption world, there are some more … not precisely militant … but aggressive, in-your-face groups that focus on the negative aspects of racing and let it overshadow the base point that greyhounds need homes.  I saw this link posted on the Ravelry greyknitters forum and think it’s one of the best that I ‘ve seen.

I tried to embed it, but I guess the Yahoo doesn’t allow that.  Try this link.  (The first time you view it there’s a 30 second fat guy commercial, but then the vid).


3 thoughts on “Why adopt a greyhound?”

  1. What a fabulous video! I have given thought to adopting a greyhound after reading your blog for 3 years. I know how attached they become and someone told me they can sleep for 16 hours a day. Wow. All good stuff. My concern is keeping them warm in the winter. We like to play around out in the snow, walk and x-country ski and skate. I suppose the dogs would prefer to stay home on those occasions? I like to have a large dog with me just to make slime balls think twice before bothering a lone woman out on the trail. I am still considering the possibility of having a greyhound and a large shepherding dog. I would feel bad leaving one at home while the other went out to play in the snow, though. Still thinking. Any input on this?

  2. That is probably the best video I’ve seen for adoption. I think the Australian racing system is far superior to those found in the states. The track shown on the video looks like Disneyland compared to the ones here in Massachusetts.

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