back-up! I need back-up, STAT!

I am quite relieved that the proper external hard drive enclosure arrived today and it was a very simple matter to take my hard drive and pop it in the new enclosure. I plugged everything in and was happy to see the drive once again be recognized and all my data intact.

ooh, dark and dangerous!
ooh, dark and dangerous!

You can’t tell from the photo, really, but the new h.d. enclosure is a lovely midnight blue.  Serendipitiously, that will match the new laptop I am so lucky (and quite surprised) to be getting for Christmas.

Sitting behind the revived hard drive is a new, bigger second external drive.  This one is a Maxtor 4 – 500 GB drive, which is really a Seagate drive inside. I like that it comes with a little software program for “one touch” backups. Nice. Completely customizable and schedule-able.  Oh, and I must highly recommend Memory Express for their fantastic service.  I received the first order fairly quickly, and when I realized I needed to order a different enclosure, I did so on Wed and it was here this a.m.  And there was no problem returning the first enclosure for refund.

Im so glamorous
I'm so glamorous

I finished the Misti Alpaca Brioche Rib scarf last night.  It’s so lovely!  It ended up being a little over 6′ long and about 5″ wide, unstretched.  It’s very soft and scrunchable.

I like this one just for the depth of field
I like this one just for the depth of field

There’s a couple more photos on the flickr page, if you click through.

I have some short ribs in the crock pot, simmering in some shiraz.  They sure smell good!  We’ll see if they taste as good as the cabernet-braised short ribs we made when Ande was here.

I have a few errands and chores to do, then I’ll have to sit down and look at my knitting to see what I’m going to work on next.

Yeah, I have no idea what shes doing there.
Yeah, I have no idea what she's doing there.

I found this on my p&s Canon; I have no idea what Sabrina was trying to do, wedging herself between the desk and the table … ???


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