what do greyhounds do when it’s -41° C with the wind chill?

same as what they do when its nice out ...
same as what they do when it's nice out ...

just a little more intently!
just a little more intently!

We took a vote and it’s unanimous – we’re not leaving the house today!  Well, that’s not entirely accurate – the big fella HAD to run out to Sobeys and pick up a rotisserie chicken for the poopers.  I put a little cubed cooked chicken on their supper kibble to make it a little more enticing.  And we’re out, so it’s an EMERGENCY.  Heh.

Yesterday I made these wine braised short ribs in the crock pot. The house smelled wonderful all day long. I followed the recipe except for the finishing.  I skimmed the fat off the sauce, then put it in a pan on the stove top and reduced it down for about 20 minutes.  That (plus a bit of flour) thickened the sauce and improved the flavours.  They were very, very good and about 1/10th the hassle of the cabernet braised short ribs we did when Ande was here. Oh, and I used an Australian shiraz for the ribs yesterday.

I haven’t started anything new knitting, but I have made another Kureyon Coffee Cozy but I used some left-over mmmmMalabrigo for this one. It turned out smaller than the Noro one, so I might do another, but make the stitch count proportionately bigger. We’ll see. I need to browse my Rav favourites and queue to see what appeals to me next.

Stay warm!


One thought on “what do greyhounds do when it’s -41° C with the wind chill?”

  1. I heard the rest of Canada was in a deep freeze when I watched the CBC news tonight. Here on my part of the East Coast it was a balmy 15°C today and it is 10°C right now at 12:30am.
    I jinxed it now by saying this so I expect it will be -frigg’n cold°C by morning here too.

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