news flash – it’s still cold in Saskatchewan in December!

But the wind has lessened from a constant howl to intermittent bouts of wind chill.

Apollo demonstrates the proper reaction to the weather forecast
Apollo demonstrates the proper reaction to the weather forecast

That’s right – crawl under your pink princess blanket and wait for spring!

but still look FABulous!
but still look FABulous!

The onset of true winter weather has made me reluctant to leave the house.  Any outings are planned to be uber-efficient and spend as little time as necessary in the elements.  The happy result of that is more time at home for knitting and baking!!

the latest batch of the morning glory muffin experiment
the latest batch of the "morning glory muffin experiment"

I was looking through my cookbooks and found a recipe very similar (if not identical) to this one in my Company’s Coming Muffin book.  I omitted the wheat germ and bran and just added more flour.  I was a little light-handed on the flour and will try 3 c. next time.  I added the pepitas, sunflower seeds, craisins, large flake coconut, grated carrot and apple, and this recipe incorporates 1/4 c molasses.  It’s pretty good, but still not 100% what I am envisioning.  (While I was looking for a recipe to link to, I came across some called “glorious morning muffins” which I’ll have to research further.)

That was the baking part of the post.  Now the knitting.  The big fella mentioned his upcoming holiday party once or twice, but always “forgot” when I pressed him for details.  He finally brought me home a paper that asked each person attending to bring a gift for the fund-raising raffle.  It specified that handcrafted/homemade gifts were appreciated.  I decided to make another Robin’s Egg Blue hat using one lone ball of Moda Dea Silk ‘n Wool (colour “sangria”) I had in my stash. I started it late yesterday afternoon, then saw the part of the information that said they needed the gifts on the 16th … which was today! So I pounded out that little hat and it was off the needles early in the evening.

not quite the real colour
not quite the real colour
nor is this - its in between those two representations
nor is this - it's in between those two representations

It’s really more of a cranberry red, very nice.  I used 4 mm needles and an 84 st count for the body of the hat.  I believe I mentioned earlier when I made the purple one the pattern mods I’d made.  The silk and wool blend does make a lovely fabric when knit up.

not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!
"not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!"

I’ve been working on the Banner socks; I decided to go with the Harris Tweed/waffle stitch.  It pairs nicely with the bands of colour in the yarn:

I love these!
I love these!

I’m still enjoying working on smaller projects for a bit, but every time I’m looking on Ravelry, I find more and more great sweater projects, etc. I do want to knit a few more pair of socks before I start on that sweater for the big fella.

awww, snuggling!
awww, snuggling!

With this exceedingly cold weather, we’ve discovered a cold zone in front of the bay window.  So cold, in fact, that the dog beds were frozen to the floor (warm hound bodies creating condensation underneath, etc).  I suspect that the people who did the window installation forgot to insulate it at all.  So we spent a while on Sunday trying some different furniture configurations to open up the space in front of the window, but still have some place to put the two dog beds.  The love seat ended up on the wall that the couch was previously on.  Sabrina expressed her displeasure of the more confined space on the love seat by trying to push the big fella off.  And you thought she’d wrapped her arms around him in affection!  Anyway, Sabrina soon figured out that not only can she look out the window from the love seat, she can do so also from the couch in its new location, so all is well in her world, once again.  Well, except for the cold.  And she whines at us every time we force her to go out into the cold back yard to do her business.  Like we can make it summer again.

This morning the big fella was bringing in a bag of dog food before he left for work and the bag ripped.  A while later I noticed A LOT of ravens flying around the yard.  There was a few cups of kibble on the driveway and the ravens were having a snack.  I turned the tv to the security camera feed and let Sabrina enjoy some RavenCam for a while to alleviate the boredom of being inside!

Apollo has asked for a wake-up call when the weather improves.
Apollo has asked for a wake-up call when the weather improves.


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