Mojave … or Vista?

Yesterday the Purolator man delivered the big fella’s Christmas gift to me, a new laptop!!  It’s pretty darn slick – a ‘Studio 17’ (in midnight blue).  I pumped it up as much as I could, 4 GB of RAM, etc.  Strangely enough when we were looking at them a couple of days earlier, a 500 gig hard drive was available, but when we actually placed the order, it was only the 320 gig drive (“only” – heh – my other laptop had a 34 gig hard drive).  I have the 500 gig external drive that I just got, so I should be fine.

Vista (or Mojave, depending on which MS commercial you watch) is interesting.  It looks a lot different than XP.  I think I like it okay.  I’ve spent the morning loading on software and files onto the new machine, installing printers and peripherals.  And it has a built-in webcam, so I can see Ande and I “teleconferencing” via Skype.

The weather has improved just slightly, but still not warm enough to take the poopers for a decent walk.  The forecast is calling for low 20s as daytime highs for the next several days.  I guess we’ll just play in the back yard so they can go inside when they get too cold.

Sabrina gets comfy
Sabrina gets comfy

The big fella was away a couple of nights this week.  Sabrina not only took over his side of the bed, but she crowded me almost out on my side.  After I got out of bed yesterday she snuggled in and kept sleeping for another couple of hours.  Tough life.

I’ve got knitting and chores to do … but I want to check out a few things on this new machine first!


One thought on “Mojave … or Vista?”

  1. That’s a nice laptop and Blue…very cool. How can you do any chores at all with that machine calling you? Vista is working well for me, but not everyone likes all the User Account Control prompts it gives. There are tutorials for turning those off, but I don’t mind having a second chance to rethink just what files I am about to delete or what program I am about to install.

    We are averaging around 5 degreesF day and night , so I sympathize with the poopers. I won’t even discuss the wind chill numbers. I’m all for napping under a warm blankie. Good time to get baking.

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