Happy birthday, big fella!

Yes, it’s the big fella’s birthday today.  We are having a quiet day; we did venture out for coffee and dessert with my parents, then scurried back home where it was warm.  The forecast is calling for continued extreme cold temps and wind chill.  We’ll have a nice supper together tonight.

I think for the most part I’ve completed the move to the new laptop.  And I can add/install software as I need it, but I think I’ve got most of it.  Vista comes with some nice little bells and whistles that eliminate some of the software I had on the old laptop.  I need to explore it some more.

yay, Sabrinas daddy is home!
yay, Sabrina's daddy is home!

Let me know what the colour/exposure is on these photos – they look …. odd on the laptop screen, but okay on my big monitor on my desk.  The colour seems off and some of the shots seem really dark when viewed on the laptop, but look fine on the camera monitor and fine on the big monitor.  Is there some mysterious setting I don’t know about on Vista laptops?

finished those socks!
finished those socks!

Those are Regia Banner Color #5450, I used 2.25 mm needles and a 64 stitch cast on.  I used the harris tweed/waffle stitch pattern for the leg and instep.  I like how the bands of colour are about the width of  a 4-round set of the tweed/waffle pattern.

in the macro box
in the macro box

Before embarking on a new project, or picking up those long-neglected Meilenweit Gentlemen’s socks, this morning I took the big fella’s seamless hybrid and did some surgery.  He wore it to his staff Xmas party on Friday night.  Last year I knit this based on measurements from a Point Zero brand sweater that he has and likes.  What I didn’t realize at the time was that he rolled back the cuffs of that sweater, so when I knit the sleeves for this one, they ended up being a couple of inches too long.  When he put the sweater on Friday night that reminded me that I needed to fix it.

rip it!
rip it!

I counted up from the cuff and put in a life line at the point where I wanted to end the new cuff.  I snipped a stitch and unraveled and separated the old cuff from the rest of the sleeve.  Then I went around and picked up the live stitches and simply cast them off in pattern.  Ta da!  Shortened sleeves.

When I -do- cast on for the big fella’s Cobblestone Pullover, it won’t be a covert mission, so I’ll be able to measure and gauge as I go and the sleeves should then be the perfect length.

So with the continued cold temps, the poopers have perfected their napping.

is it supper time yet?
is it supper time yet?
what about now?  is it chicken time yet?
what about now? is it chicken time yet?
no?  not yet?  wake me up ...
no? not yet? wake me up ...

when its time
when it's time

You can see from this photo below how starved Sabrina is.  NOT!  What you don’t know is that photo was taken mid-whine which (according to Ande’s conspiracy theory of greyhounds) is a ploy to make us feel sorry for them and to offer food, preferably rotisserie chicken.  “Look, I’m sucking my belly in and you can count every single pathetic rib.  I need some chicken!”  She was actually standing at the window having a hissy fit because it’s just too damn cold to be outside for any length of time.


She does make me laugh, which right now hurts because with the cold temps I have a crack in my lip and every time I smile and laugh it splits open again.  Where’s my lip balm?!

Now that I’ve finished those socks and shortened the hybrid sleeves, I will browse through my patterns and my Ravelry queue/faves for my next project.  I do have another Kureyon coffee cozy on the needles, but I’m using mmmMalabrigo for this and a larger stitch count to accommodate a “grande” take-out cup.   I am enjoying the smaller projects right now and my mind has been turning towards some sort of stranded mittens but I haven’t quite decided what yet.  I have a few patterns on hand, as well as some ideas of my own.  First thing to do is to get downstairs and check out the stash and see what I have handy (heh – mittens, handy – see what I did there?!) for this.

Hope everyone is staying warm …


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