Boxing Day

Here in Canada (and after checking Wikipedia – the UK and other commonwealth countries) today is Boxing Day.  When we were kids, it was Boxing Day, the day after Christmas.  Now and I guess the past decade or so, it’s become a huge retail event – “Boxing Day Sales”.  Mostly they are “Boxing Week” sales.  I think it would compare to the “Black Friday” sales in the US on the day after Thanksgiving.  No matter, it’s something I steer clear of.  Whatever momentous savings I might get would in no way begin to compensate me for my time and the aggravation of having to deal with hordes of crazed shoppers pushing and jostling my person about.

We have enjoyed a couple of quiet days, Christmas Eve supper at my sister’s, then Christmas Day supper at my parents’.  We love the quiet!  We still have cold temps and wind chill, much to the poopers’ dismay.

but Mommy, I LOVE you ... why do you treat me like this?!
but Mommy, I LOVE you so ... why do you treat me like this?!

The dogs, of course, accompanied us for Christmas supper, and when we returned home, we tried to take them for a walk, but it was just too cold.  We were only three houses down the block when they were both trying to balance on two feet and were looking longingly back at our driveway.  So we turned around.

Apollo discovers his French roots
Apollo discovers his French roots

Well, not really.  But he does look like a beret-wearing Frenchman there!

I’ve spent hours trying to chart out some stranded mittens using the pirates and generic Norwegian charts.  A lot of the ideas and motifs I’ve tried are too large for the gauge of the yarn I’m using (Regia 6-ply sock yarn).  I have gone through reams of paper trying to find the design I want.  [note to self:  add printer paper to shopping list]

In the mean time, I showed the big fella the Meilenweit socks I was prepared to rip out and he stopped me and said he really LIKED the colourway.  So I’ve decided to carry on with them, but instead of utilizing a texture of harris tweed or the fluted pattern, I’m going to make my usual 5×1 ribbed legs and instep.

I also showed him the yarn and the Cobblestone pattern and we will collaborate on making that sweater so it will fit perfectly and I won’t need to do sleeve surgery at a later date.  I am going to start with a sleeve that will also serve as my gauge swatch.  I might do some other mods to the pattern, as we go along.

I tried a couple of new recipes the past week.  I made these spinach cheese phyllo appies to take for supper last night. They were tasty, but in retrospect (and I discovered this after making them) I would use much less black pepper. They had quite a kick afterward. I also passed up my traditional recipe for oven French toast to try this new one that had been posted on a Ravelry message forum, Creme Brulee French Toast. It was very good, but I found it very sweet. Next time I will cut back the brown sugar amount and/or use maple syrup instead of corn syrup. It was tasty and easy, just really sweet.

It’s got to be time for more coffee ….


One thought on “Boxing Day”

  1. It’s been awhile since I’ve checked in on Sabrina and Apollo. They look like they’ve been together always. How full your lives are with them!

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