N-arrrgh-wegian Mittens

After many drafts I sketched out a mitten chart I like.  I found lots of ideas online (Ravelry, of course), and flipped through my copy of Selbuvotter. The Selbuvotter designs are geared toward a finer gauge (fingering weight) than the 6-ply I’m using, so while I liked a lot of them, they’ll have to be for another project.

pirates, snowflakes and greyhounds
pirates, snowflakes and greyhounds

The yarn I’m using is a dark charcoal, not black – and white, of course.  The palm pattern is just squares, easy to knit without having to check the chart every few stitches.


I’ve also worked a bit on the Meilenweit socks and started the sleeve for the big fella’s Cobblestone sweater.  I am using the sleeve stitch counts from the seamless hybrid sweater I made last year, as the Cobblestone sleeve seems quite wide and drapey.

And in other amazing news, this morning it was only -13°C and just a breath of wind, so we took the poopers out for a looooong walk.  They were so happy they were running and jumping and losing their minds.  As soon as we got home they had a snack of cooked chicken meat and kibble and curled up for a serious nap.  Still snoozing now …


3 thoughts on “N-arrrgh-wegian Mittens”

  1. Hi Terri:

    Just a quick note to let you know that the new knitblog photo on the top of your blog is so pretty…(classy photo).
    Oh, your 6 ply mittens I think are great..very nice.
    When I read your blog, It always makes me want to go
    pick up my knitting…Thanks for sharing & Happy New Year.

  2. Hi Terri,
    I’ve found your blog via a link to your sock instructions from a UK knitters forum. Your step by step illustrations and directions are fantastic, thankyou, your knitting looks so professional it is a real inspiration.
    However what i really want to ask you is about the weather in Canada. My sister and her husband are very seriously investigating emigrating from Yorkshire, England to Calgary. They work with horses and have dogs and enjoy the outdoor life, would the weather in the Calgary area be similar to what you are describing? They have only visited in the summer so far!

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