“it’s still cold out” rinse, repeat!

When Sabrina went out this morning it was a calm -33°C; the plus side was there was no discernible wind.  Still too cold to take the poopers for a walk or really do much of anything outside (skiing?).   I’ve really given up checking the forecast because they dangle a sunny day and minus-low-teens temp like a carrot at the end of a five-day stick.  By the time that day rolls around, the forecast has changed and it’s still cold.

But that gives me free time to scour YouTube for fun clips!  This one cracked me up.  If you’ve seen Rio Bravo, you know it’s a little light on plot, and has the improbable teaming of John Wayne and Ricky Nelson (who was barely 18 when the film was made); Angie Dickinson, Dean Martin and Walter Brennan also star.  It’s not very sophisticated, to our contemporary, jaded and skeptical viewing selves.   Dean Martin plays the character, Dude.

I can amuse myself for hours on YouTube!

I did manage to finish the first stranded mitten:

front side
front side

Once I had finished them, I realized I don’t like the transition from the bottom motif to the top.  I wish I had just done a couple of horizontal stripes instead.

palm side
palm side

I have the second mitten about halfway up the hand.  I’d like to finish it tonight, but we’ll see.

Meilenweit sock
Meilenweit sock

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