Bounce #2

Now that it’s been received by its new owner, I can post a couple of pics of Bounce (Ravelry link), (public link here).

Bounce #2
Bounce #2

I used Elann Peruvian Highland Bulky wool in a charcoal colourway. Very nice, but so softly plied it tears apart with the slightest amount of pressure.

from the top
from the top

It really is a cute pattern, and with the heavy gauge yarn, a quick knit.  I did run out of yarn while making this and had to set it aside for a week until I ordered more.  There’s an error/typo in the set up row of the brioche type stitch that starts after the ribbing. The asterick indicating the stitch repeat is in the wrong place. The way it’s written there is a 3 stitch repeat, where it should only be two. So it should read:

Row 2: K1, (K1 into the row below, k1) repeat to end.

I just checked our weather and we have a snowfall warning.  We’ll see if anything comes of that.  Right now it’s just cold and overcast.  We need to go out and get some groceries, so it might be prudent to do that now instead of later!


2 thoughts on “Bounce #2”

  1. I loves my new hat! I must get pics of it! I’m sure you can attest to the difficulties of trying to photograph yourself!
    Snowing again today, can you believe it?!

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