awww, nuts!

OMG!  You have to go to Smitten Kitchen and try her recipe for Sugar and Spice Candied Nuts. Agggghhh! SO GOOD! I used up some almonds, pecan and walnut halves and made these this afternoon. Her pics are lovely, so I’m not posting any here.  I have a little burn on the tip of my tongue from testing the finished product while it was still too hot (and the cayenne/paprika).

I only had a smidge of paprika (and not the hot smokey kind) so I added some cayenne.  I’d like to try these again with paprika.  I’d probably still add a bit of cayenne as well as we like spicy here.

Wind chill continues unabated; -36°C right now.

I’ve finished making two mittens (I’m calling them “stealth mittens”) and am working an i-cord “idiot string” connecting the two mittens.  The recipient requested those because her daughter takes all her other mittens, so if they’re strung in her coat, she thinks they’ll stick around longer.  Anyway, I’ve broken my cardinal rule of knitting upon request, just this once.  I’ll finish them off tonight, hopefully, and we shall never speak of this again!

I was looking at some blogs earlier and several people have lists of their NY Resolutions.  I don’t believe in them.  If I’m going to change something, I change it and don’t wait for the new year to do so.  I suppose the only thing I’m going to “resolve” to do is to be a better grocery shopper, actually read the flyers instead of putting them directly into the recycling.


One thought on “awww, nuts!”

  1. Hello from Ottawa area Canada!
    I just found your blog because I saw your beautiful dogs on Ravelry (profile photo) in somebody’s friend page and had to see if there was more dog pictures. Awww your Apollo and Sabrina are so cute! I know I don’t have to point this out. Ha ha. I do love the breed and enjoy seeing them when I can. I melt really. I have a Boston Terrier female myself. Take care and great knitting by the way! Love the Dog attire. I’ll be visiting again! Stay warm and Happy New Year.

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