we like boats … and planes!

So the other day I was doing a year-end wrap up of our budget and money stuff.  I sat the big fella down and gave him the big picture, what my plans were for the $$ this year, with regard to paying down our mortgage, how I’d finagled some of the budget numbers to beef up our (sorely depleted after the house purchase, new furnace and central air, etc.) savings.  This loosely ties into my previous mention of a quasi-resolution of being a better grocery shopper (and stop spending too much for food). While I was pounding my shoe on the desk to illustrate my determination, he asked if we might be able to take a road trip in the fall – was there money enough for that?  (heh!)

We have a love of the road trip – in years past we criss-crossed the States and central Canada.  Now especially with the hounds, it’s easier and less stressful to drive, all four of us, than have to take the poopers to a greyhound sitter, fly somewhere, rent a car, etc.   Coincidentally on the weekend we’d watched a tv show about a lake freighter, the Paul R. Tregurtha. I recalled a road trip in 1993 where we drove to Ontario and Quebec, and one of the highlights was a chance viewing of a freighter going through the Iroquois Locks. I dug out the photo album and found some pics we’d taken:

oh look!  the big fella had hair!
oh look! the big fella had hair!

(and I purposely did NOT scan the pic of me; big ol’ 80’s glasses and bad hair)

Canadian Explorer
Canadian Explorer October 1993

The ship boat was the Canadian Explorer which apparently after a collision in 1997 was split, stern and bow, and made into two different ships, the Canadian Transfer (stern) and a barge, the Barge Laviolette (bow) .

While I was flipping through that photo album, I came across some pics from our inaugural visit to the Wright Patterson Field, and in particular, the Air Force Museum at Dayton, Ohio.  That was on the same trip above and quite a chance discovery.  We were zipping along the interstate and saw a sign for the museum.  It was out of our way an hour or so, but totally worth it.  We’ve been back another time.  If you like aviation history and technology, it’s a fabulous museum.  We spent the day there.  On other trips we’ve visited the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC; the Pima Air and Space Museum outside Tucson, AZ. (You have to click to see this pic of the boneyard there – awesome!) Hmm, I feel like I’m forgetting something. Well, not a museum, but we were exploring the White Sands National Monument between Las Cruces and Alamogordo, NM (an amazing place) and saw some stealth fighters flying low, either from Holloman AFB or the missile range. This was in the very early 90s and they were not a common sight at all. It was very exciting!

While we’re toying with the idea of a Great Lakes road trip in the fall, I’ve been visiting some cool websites:  there’s the Duluth Shipping News (we also visited the port of Duluth/Superior one March – 2000? – and explored all the shipyards), Great Lakes Seaway and Shipping, the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway, etc. Very interesting stuff.

The last few months I’d been doing well getting in some exercise, but from about mid-December, I got out of my routine.  Monday morning, though, I got back in the saddle and carried on.  This morning I was riding and watching Persuasion, the Ciaran Hinds version (thanks, Kris!).

the angle makes my butt look big ...
the angle makes my butt look big ... really! (ha ha ha)

Yesterday I spend a few hours running all over town taking advantage of sales flyers and 10% off days at the grocery stores.  Our freezer is stocked!  By the end of the day it had warmed up somewhat, was snowing, so we bundled the poopers up and got them out for about a 20 minute walk.  It seems cold again today, though.

After finishing the stealth hat/mittens set, I only picked away a bit on the Meilenweit socks and cast on for a Brangelina hat using some Elann Peruvian bulky.  I only have two skeins, so I hope it’s enough (they’re really short on yardage per skein).  I still have not sat down with a pen, paper and calculator to refine the numbers for the Cobblestone pullover.  Maybe later.


One thought on “we like boats … and planes!”

  1. Check out the Thousand Islands region of the St. Lawrence Seaway. My guys and I rented a houseboat there for a week every year for ten years and still didn’t get to explore the region as thoroughly as we would have liked.

    Fascinating area!

    Happy new year!
    Jan, Bill and Linda

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