Brangelina Hat done

and I was short about 1.5 yards of yarn.  The Elann Peruvian Highland Bulky is a nice, softly plied wool but the put-up is only 50 g (50 metres).  I bought two balls of the pumpkin (#1004) and it was not quite enough.  [I used up precious yardage in the pumpkin by having to cut out and splice together three knots in the two skeins.  Is it really that difficult to wind off 50 metres of wool without knots?!]  I’d had to order another two balls of the charcoal to complete Bounce #2 and luckily had some left over  I used a length of the charcoal on one of the crown decrease rounds.

4x4 long fold-over brim
4x4 long fold-over brim

The yarn is very soft and squooshy.  Being so loosely spun it was a little splitty, but not too bad.  I modified Laurie’s pattern to work with the yarn I had. The pattern calls for a super bulky or polar weight yarn, 9 st/4″. I cast on 72 stitches on 6 mm needles and after finishing the hat and finding it too short in the crown, redid the stocking stitch section for 4.5″. My crown decreases were over 6 points, not 4 as in the pattern.


Once I was done the hat last night, I worked a bit on the Meilenweit socks.  I still have that scarf sitting there and I can’t decide if I’m going to carry on with it, or rip it and make it a cowl.  And I still have to get on those sweater numbers!!  I did make a bit of progress yesterday and found the sheets in my day planner from last year and transferred them to the 2009 book.

It must be time for some Sabrina and Apollo pics:

le sigh!
le sigh!
Im ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille
I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille
hes so handsome, I have to throw an ugly pic up once in a while to temper it
he's so handsome, I have to throw an ugly pic up once in a while to temper it
and Sabrina, too ...
and Sabrina, too ...
Apollo likes Tuesdays - warm blankies fresh from the dryer
Apollo likes Tuesdays - warm blankies fresh from the dryer
Sabrina lives dangerously
Sabrina lives dangerously getting her nose all up in his business

We took the poopers out for a 20 minute walk again yesterday.  Still wind-chilly, but we tried to stay in sheltered areas and cleared sidewalks, so it was bearable.  Saturday is supposed to be quite a bit warmer, so we hope to get out for a very long walk then.

This just in:  my operative reports to me that the stealth hat and mittens were delivered to the target and she was very happy with them!


4 thoughts on “Brangelina Hat done”

  1. hey terri what’s happened to your socks page? can’t seem to access it and I was in the middle of my second sock and I forgot how to turn the heel. do I slip one purl to the middle+2, turn, slip1, knit5, knit2together, knit1, turn, slip1 etc? or do I not slip when I turn the heel? thank you

  2. I’ve been looking everywhere for a pattern like this! I was just about to find some needles and make up my own pattern. Thanks so much, you have a terrific site.

    Sabrina and Apolla live a very posh existence. I have a shih-tzu, the world is
    his oyster. Thanks again.

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