might warm up today!

to -14°C.  Yesterday when I checked the forecast, they said today would be -6, but they’ve changed it.  As long as the wind is absent, we can get those lazy hounds out for a looong walk.

why would I go outside when I can laze inside?
why would I go outside when I can laze inside?

Apollo does this goofy thing when I walk down the hallway and peer into “his” room and he’s napping.  Instead of lifting his head to look at me, he just rolls his eyeballs to get me in view.  Every time he does it I’m reminded of Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard (the origin of the “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. De Mille” quote):

the imitator
the imitator
the original
the original

Ha ha ha – he cracks me UP!  He even gets the teeth right!

Sabrina encroaches on Apollos snuggly blanket
Sabrina encroaches on Apollo's snuggly blanket

I’m just waiting for Miss Monica to arrive.  She called first thing this a.m. saying she was coming to town and had to do a Winners and (pathetic excuse for a) yarn store run, maybe lunch, so I’m game for that.

I decided yesterday to take some of my hoarded Bernat Cashmere Blend and make myself a cute Thermis cowl. I had first passed this up when I discovered it because I didn’t think I wanted a buttoned one, but I love it, upon second glance. Here’s the Rav link.


3 thoughts on “might warm up today!”

  1. I don’t know how you can stand the cold. I’m lamenting our weather…13 C°. I despise the cold with a passion. My definition of cold is any temp below 21 C°

    Sabrina and Apollo’s expressions are priceless!

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