it’s Sabrina’s turn to wear the birthday hat!

Happy Birthday, Sabrina!
Happy Birthday, Sabrina!

The little princess is seven years old today!  Maybe she’ll get a little extra chicken with her supper, you never know.

I finished the Thermis Cowl:

Thermis Cowl
Thermis Cowl

Of course it turned out way too big.  The pattern calls for Patons Classic Wool with a ball band gauge of  20 st/26 rows on 4.5 mm needles.  The pattern gauge is 15 st/34 rows for the ribbing and 14 st/38 rows for the texture stitch.  I used the Bernat Cashmere Blend which is more an aran weight, but I thought it would work just as well.  The ball band gauge for the cashmere blend is 17 st/24 rows on 5 mm.  I was using 4 mm needles.  Not only is it too big, the fabric is pretty stiff, not soft and drapey like you’d want a cowl to be.

cinched in severely at the back
cinched in severely at the back

If I used the cashmere blend again, I’d cast on about 1/3 fewer stitches and use bigger needles to make it more drapey.  It’s a cute pattern and I’ll try again with some different yarn.  I do have some fabulous Elann Incense (wool, silk, bamboo blend) that might be just the thing.

One of my tasks this (lazy) weekend was to clean up my computer room, organize the little piles of yarn that were tucked about, put them in their proper place.  I also organized my knitting bags and area in the living room and it’s much better.  Anyway, while I was digging about, I came across a 1/2 ball of some fabulous mmmMalabrigo worsted.  I’d used the first half of the ball for a toque a couple of winters ago.  I love the colourway, it’s “solymar” (rav link to all projects tagged with malabrigo+solymar here) and it’s golden orange and navy.  I decided to unravel the hat, gave the yarn a little bath then wound it up again.  I’m going to make -something- with it.  I think the colours are too dark and strong for a Thermis, but I’m leaning towards some sort of cowl garment.  Or a hat.

I also rediscovered my little mmmMalabrigo stash in the closet; before I finished work in 2007 I splurged on a few sweater’s worth of the mmmmarvelous stuff.  I’ve made a Wicked sweater, a few hats, etc. but I still have enough mmmMalabrigo for two more sweaters and some other odds and ends. So fab!!

Apollo and his baby
Apollo and his baby

The weather continues to be le suckage.  It was warm enough (relatively speaking) on Saturday to take the poopers for two looong walks, but yesterday we barely managed to get them up the block and down the alley, dodging the wind chill all the way.  Today is no better.  blah blah blah, crappy weather, blah blah blah – repeat.

The big fella has been keeping the flight paths in the back yard cleared with the snowblower, so it’s a little easier on their poor feet when they do have to go out to take care of business.

I discovered on Friday morning that I can read while I ride my bike.  I balance the book on my aero bars and read away.  The time passes by much quicker than watching a dvd.  I’ve only tried hard cover books so far, but I’m sure I’ll be able to do the same with paperbacks.

I’d actually taken the aero bars off my bike in the spring because of all the problems I’d been having with my shoulder/neck.  (That’s almost a year now that I’ve had that thing going on.)  I put them back on when I started riding indoors, but it wasn’t until Thursday night as I fell asleep that I thought of reading/book balancing on them!!  Eureka!


5 thoughts on “it’s Sabrina’s turn to wear the birthday hat!”

  1. Ack! Look at those vicious greyhounds in your banner! LOL!
    Happy Birthday Beanie Baby! Hugs from Auntie!
    Love the Thermis cowl. Even if it is huge and makes you look a little like an shy turtle!

  2. Hi Terri:
    First off, Your cowl looks great…I had a neighbor that made a cowl sorta like yours, but she had the buttons lower, like almost upside down when she wore her’s…I like the buttons on it. It is classy looking.
    Also Happy Birthday to Sabrina, The Birthday hat is so cute on her too.
    Well, better quit & get back to my knitting, I am making a Special Olympic’s scarf that is so pretty with their colors of delf blue & white.
    I am suppose to have it donated by Jan 15,08…
    It is all Knit 1, Purl 1, and 60 inches…whew.

  3. I like your thermis. I’m jumping on the cowl bandwagon. I made mittens this summer with sock yarn and I have a good bit of a skein left and I’ve been trying to figure out how to get a scarf out of it. I cast on a simple cowl last night and we’ll see how it goes and if there’s enough yarn.

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