gah – when will it end?!

The brutal cold and wind chill, that is. Again we are in the midst of a cold snap (or continue to be – has it really ever warmed up?!) that is forecast for the next few days. Sabrina asked to go out at 7 this morning and it was -35, but with the wind chill, it felt like -44. Brutal. Poor skinny little dog!

When I was searching around online for info on Great Lakes shipping, I came across a site that has time-lapse vids of the Soo Locks.  Here’s one. (I didn’t know if I could embed that mpg file or if that’s bad netiquette.)  It’s cool to see the water levels fall and rise in the locks and see the ship traffic.

After some consultation and swatching, the big fella decided he would like another seamless hybrid, instead of Cobblestone.  I showed him many different EZ style sweaters on the rav, the seamless yoke (upon which the Cobblestone design is based), the seamless hybrid (which was the last one I made him), the seamless raglan. I might go with the full saddle shoulder treatment on this one, instead of the hybrid/shirt yoke option.

Elann Peruvian Highland Donegal #1162 hazelnut
Elann Peruvian Highland Donegal #1162 "hazelnut"

The colour is not quite as saturated as in the photo – it’s more of a mocha shade.

I sat down with my calculator and figured out gauge and finished measurements.  I’ll be making this stocking stitch, except for ribbing on the body hem and sleeve cuffs.  The seamless hybrid was ribbed throughout.  I kept very good notes and will have to recalculate the sleeve-to-saddle part, as on the hybrid it ended up too deep.  I’ll tweak this one.

I cast on for the body yesterday and did the ribbing, but once I started on the stocking stitch I realized I’d made the ribbing too broad (5×1) and it was starting to curl up.  I checked my notes and discovered the seamless hybrid was a 3×1 rib.  I’m going around the needle, dropping down and correcting where the rib is to make it 3×1.  If it looks craptastic when I’m done, I’ll rip it out and start over.  That would be too annoying to have the bottom flipping up all the time.

The stocking stitch fabric should be very nice – the Donegal flecks in the yarn give it some depth and interest.


4 thoughts on “gah – when will it end?!”

  1. Rumor has it (Mike Sobel started it- – but he IS the weather guy so he’s somewhat qualified) that we get +7-9 over the weekend. I’ll send some your way once I’m done with it.

  2. Well, aren’t you a good sport? “Ask and it shall be given you” I am waiting for Mike to drop some weight before I offer to knit him a sweater. He likes finer gauge, and life is too short to only finish one more project in my lifetime! His feet aren’t too big; maybe socks…

    You know you’re tough when it warms up to minus twenty and you start peeling off layers like it’s spring. Sheesh.

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