YouTube Thursday!

another great compilation from classic movies (and maybe your Thursday earworm?). (Lyrics are here and yes, it’s really “pissing the night away”.)

I ended up ripping back the start of the seamless hybrid.  I decided to try a folded hem instead of any type of ribbing and went rummaging in the stash for a suitable contrast.  Well, I ended up with the accursed paprika Classic Wool. I just finished joining the hem to the body last night and need to do a few more rounds before I know if it will “take”. Pics then.


3 thoughts on “YouTube Thursday!”

  1. Okay – that was a great video. Made me lol, especially catching it on Friday evening after the kiddies have gone to a sleepover and I’m enjoying a glass of Cab, ripping some new music to my computer and waiting for DH to come home then we go out to dinner (a RARE treat). Hope you’re having a great night too. Thanks for the laugh.

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