nekkid hounds

Yesterday it was balmy enough to let the poopers out in the yard without jackets or sweaters of any kind.  After all these weeks of bitter cold, it just seemed weird to see them out there in their fur.  We did put their light sweaters on when we went for our walk last night as it was about -2°C.

kicking up his heels
kicking up his heels

Apollo and Sabrina enjoy running on the flightpaths much more when it’s not 500° below.

Sabrina contemplates a fork in the road
Sabrina contemplates a fork in the road
Apollo has snow build up
Apollo has snow build up

If you click through to the flickr page and choose ‘all sizes’ you can see the huge snow cone he has packed in his muzzle.  Since winter, we’ve had to muzzle him (and close the bottom of the muzzle with duct tape) when he’s out in the back yard to curb his INSATIABLE appetite for yellow snow.  I’m not gonna kiss that face if he’s been eating yellow snow.  Ick.

Daddy, FIX it!
"Daddy, FIX it!"

I’ve been unable to stop knitting on the seamless hybrid.  I think about putting it aside to finish the socks and decide what I’m doing with that scarf, but every time I sit down in the living room, it’s in my lap getting some attention.


3 thoughts on “nekkid hounds”

  1. That picture of Apollo and his snowcone muzzle is hysterical!
    Are those frozen apples on the tree in your neighbours yard? Maybe time to make some ice apple cider?

  2. Great to see the dogs outside in their birthday suits. We all stripped down to two layers, no coats to enjoy the sun and 20 degrees F. A veritable heat wave! It cracks me up how everything is relative when speaking of temps. Snowcone face is hilarious. Can he breath?

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