Apollo is not depressed

He’s not, he’s just really, really fond of napping!  Whenever my dad comes over, he goes to Apollo and asks if he’s sick, or sad.  Ha – he’s either sprawled on “his” bed in the spare room, or on the big dog donut in the computer room.  He can’t be bothered to expend the energy to get up and go to the door to greet my dad, not like spazzy Sabrina.

But – he does have his bouts of goofiness and running amok:

D - E - D!
that squeaky poodle is dead: D - E - D!

He will start with a little bark, usually down the hall, then he’ll come running into the living room, looking for something to grab and mangle.  Sometimes it’s his snuggle blanket, sometimes the bed, but this time, the poodle got it.


So our lovely heat wave is over; right now we’re at -26°C with wind chill values of -38°C.  We took advantage of the milder temperatures and got those dogs out for lots of walks, but for the weekend at least it will be just dashing out into the back yard.

is it?  could it really be?!  Yay, Daddys home!!
is it? could it really be?! Yay, Daddy's home!!

Of course Sabrina will be shattered when she sees the suitcase come out tomorrow (aka “the bag of sorrow”).  The big fella is heading out for a couple of days, but he’ll be taking a passenger:


That handsome boy is Angus and he’s a coldblood greyhound.  That is, he’s not of racing bloodlines.  He is 4 or 5 and needs a new home.  The family he’s known since he was a puppy of 4 months old had to move out of the country last July and his second home didn’t work out, what with his penchant for eating cats.  So we got connected to his current mom and offered to take him to our greyhound rescue group in Edmonton for them to foster and rehome.  We visited him on Sunday and there’s some more pics on my flickr page.  He’s a sweet boy, very calm and gentle and quiet in the house.  He’s about Apollo’s size but a little heavier (i.e. he could benefit from a little exercise and improved diet).  His legs and head/muzzle are thicker than a racers, but he’s still all greyhound.  Adorable!

brioche stitch scarf done
brioche stitch scarf done

The other night I managed to set aside the seamless hybrid and devoted myself to finishing that scarf.  I used 16 stitches and 6 mm needles and worked the brioche stitch until there was just a few yards of yarn left (at which point I was bored beyond the point of using it all up).  It’s six feet long.  I like it – very nice and soft and skooshy and looks great with my black merino coat.

When I picked up the seamless hybrid again last night, I’m now thinking the bottom is too wide.  Nice thing to discover three and a half skeins into it.  I’ll get out the ribbed seamless hybrid and check it over.  If the #2 hybrid is incredibly wider than the first one, I’ll rip it back and start over.  EZ’s instructions say to cast on 90% of your K (chest measurement) for the facing of the hem, but I went 100% on smaller needles.  Hmmm, we’ll see.

like father, like daughter
like father, like daughter

I had a busy day yesterday – dentist appointment at 9, lunch with a friend, library (for more books to read while biking), got the dogs’ licences for 2009, a few other errands culminating in a hair cut.  Up until the time I sat down in the chair I wasn’t sure what I’d be doing with my hair, other than having her ‘fix’ the mullet I’d inadvertently given myself since the last time I saw her in early December.  The week or so after that hair cut I had been hacking away at it, as the top wasn’t short as I’d wanted, then other parts looked too long and uneven, snip, snip, snip!  So I’ve ended up with a really short cut, but not as short as I’ve had it in the past.  I like it!


3 thoughts on “Apollo is not depressed”

  1. Lovely scarf! A stitch I haven’t tried yet…hum. The cold is back here too. Your pictures are always a treat. The feet in the air one is priceless. I am a fan. Good luck with the rescue operation!

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