YouTube Thursday

Two of my most favourite tv shows were Canadian productions, both set in Vancouver.  The first, Da Vinci’s Inquest portrayed the coroner, Dominic Da Vinci, and VPD homicide detectives and the cases they worked on. It had a kick-ass opening theme the first few seasons.

One of the featured locales is the Ovaltine Cafe:

great neon signage
great neon signage

which is on Hastings. Ande, how come I never saw this or went there? That’s gotta go on the list for next time.

Go check out the search results for Ovaltine Cafe on Flickr. There’s some really great shots.

look up!
look up!

Another one that gets the odd mention and screen time is The Only Seafoods:

only pic I could link to
only pic I could link to

Again, there’s a lot of fabulous photos on flickr, but many of the really great ones showing the neon in darkness are not linkable.

These are both on Hastings, on the dodgy end of downtown.  Oh, that reminds me, I found a YouTube clip that talks about the location:

Great show.  They have been running it on Showcase but after showing through Season 6, they’ve started over at the beginning, instead of showing Season 7.

The other show I really, really like is Cold Squad, another police drama set in Vancouver.  Again, this has been shown on Showcase, but they just ended a run and no word when they’ll start showing it again.  It has a great theme, too:

As so often happens with Canadian tv, these shows were cancelled to make way for crappy new shows that had neither the story or plotlines, nor the great production values that these did.  le sigh!


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