it’s a good thing it’s not cold out today

because with the wind gusting to 55 kph, the wind chill would have been lethal.  It’s a bright, blue sky sunny day, melting a little.  The big fella took the poopers out for a long walk at lunch time.  I was busy in the kitchen, preparing that swiss steak recipe to try in the crock pot this time.  It smells fantastic!

On my trip to Saskatoon on Thursday I managed to bring home a little bag of yarn – some Noro Silk Garden #244, Noro Silk Garden sock yarn #245, some Fibra Natura Yummy sock yarn (colour 41358 navajo) and some Mirasol baby alpaca/bamboo blend (in colour 909) that is just calling out to be a cowl or bowtie scarf.  Very nice.  We also managed to get some wool for Ms. M’s Drops 103-1 a-line coat.  I HAVE to make that pattern soon.  The yarn store had so many nice yarns like this. I carried around a couple of hanks of this other fabulous alpaca yarn but it was twice the price of the Mirasol stuff.

I’ve been plodding away on the seamless hybrid but haven’t yet reached the part where I had ripped it all out.  So it still feels like negative progress.  Maybe I should start the sleeves to mix things up.

The Meilenweit socks seem to be have abandoned again.

Anyway, on our trip Thursday we went to McNally Robinson for lunch then enjoyed a good look through the book store. I perused all the knitting books, all the cooking and baking books and couldn’t be budged to open my wallet because I could find most of what was there online. I still enjoyed being able to flip through the books and see what was in them. But despite my attempt at fiscal responsibility and budgeting, I was seriously tempted by one book in particular:

I love everything about this book – the fact that they’ve preserved the old family recipes that were written on scraps of paper, etc. (and the pages of the book have some of those scraps reproduced on them) and that the recipes are all for good, comfort food that we all love.

Today I googled them and found their website: The Brass Sisters. They’re a hoot. Watch that little vid there and enjoy their Massachusetts accents.

The big fella returned Wednesday from his time away and had the rest of the week off.  So we enjoyed the days off, all four of us.  Sabrina and Apollo have been exhausted with all the walks they’ve been getting now that the weather is milder.  Alas, the forecast is calling for cooler temps starting tomorrow, but hopefully it won’t be any of that -40 nonsense again.


3 thoughts on “it’s a good thing it’s not cold out today”

  1. I’m so gonna check out the Brass Sisters. They are a stone’s throw from me. “Brownies in the shape of a STAH!!!” God Bless New England.

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