my glasses are dirty

and I should go and clean them so I can see what I’m doing.  (A  predicted side-effect of my Lasik surgery some six years ago and/or the eventuality of age is the fact I need reading glasses.  And not just one pair, I need one strength for working on the computer, another strength for knitting and general reading, and yet another strength for reading in bed.  Jeez.)

Anyway, we did get dumped into -30 something wind chill again.  This winter has been really quite cold, unendingly cold, with very, very few mild days thrown in to keep us all from going postal, I suppose.

Ms. M has come to stay for a couple of nights and there has been knitting.  She’s started her Drops 103-1 A-Line jacket and I’ve been knitting away on the hybrid.  It seemed to take forever to get to the point where I had ripped it all out to start over, but once past that point, I’ve been flying.  The body is sitting in a knitting bag, almost to the point where the sleeves will be joined and I’ve cast on the first sleeve:

a peep of paprika
a peep of paprika

I checked my gauge on the body a few times and it’s consistently (now) 18 st/4″.  So I’ve calculated the sleeves/increases and should be making progress with those today.  I can hardly wait to get to the joining round where the fun begins – the sleeves and body are joined together and then the raglan/saddle shoulder decreases and shaping begin.

I have copious notes and figures and scribbles all over the working copy of the last seamless hybrid, and in looking at them last night I was struck by one thing repeatedly:

What the hell does all this mean?!

I assume once I get to each point in the process it will make sense to me and I will remember what I did the last time.  I do know that I need to shorten the armscye, so will be decreasing every second round, not every third round as I did with the ribbed hybrid.

On Sunday it was bitterly cold and I knew we wouldn’t be taking the poopers out for a walk.  I decided to try out an “easy way to bath your greyhound” I’d seen in Celebrating Greyhound magazine. Basically you mix a tablespoon of shampoo, a teaspoon of glycerin and 24 oz of water in a spray bottle. Then you saturate the fur, brush through several times with a natural bristle brush, then wipe thoroughly with a very wet towel, then dry.  We did Apollo first and he was very brave.  His fur was soooo soft and blindingly white when we were done.  Nosy Sabrina/Gladys Kravitz had to have her nose in the thick of it and wanted to know what we were doing, so we stood her on the mat and proceeded to give her the same treatment.  After the first spray of the bottle she had an “oh, shit” look on her face, but we carried on and she, too, was shiny and soft.

squeaky clean
squeaky clean

That pic cracks me up – this disembodied greyhound head, just hovering between the arm rests.

The swiss steak turned out really quite good the other night.  I used sirloin tip steak instead of round, at the big fella’s request.  Yum.  I thickened the sauce a little at the end of slow cooking and the 2 cups of red wine had reduced down enough to impart a very nice flavour.

I also tried out the recipe a couple of you directed me to, the “original” morning glory muffins.  It’s very, very close to the target muffin.  The flavours are identical, now it’s just to make the batter darker (maybe dark brown sugar instead of white?) and to get the top to dome more.

We’re going to have a family supper tomorrow and I’m going to try a hearty chicken stew recipe and a yummy dessert.  More on that tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “my glasses are dirty”

  1. What? No ‘glasses to find your glasses” strength? I finally got smart and bought bright colors so that when I dropped them onto the wood floors, I could find them without having to get the kids to help me.

    I’m certinly going to try the dog bathing mixture…wonder if it would be more efficient to mix it in barrels!

  2. Ooohhh, the hybrid is looking sooo good! And if I leave now will I make it there in time for chicken and dumplings? Yummy!
    PS-my fast jack order is queued but my bank site is s-l-o-w! The slower it is, the more I put in my cart! Argh!

  3. This is funny. I was totally going to email you this week and ask you how you bathe your pooches. We struggle with this so much. Django and Roxie do not get bathed as much as we would like because it’s such an undertaking. I’m going to try the easy way!

  4. Your Flapper pie was weeping because it wanted you to save your time and money buy buying the big one at Superstore for $7.99. Coconut or Banana Cream and better than home made.

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