YouTube Thursday

Here’s one of the big fella’s favourite (and mine, too!) songs by Louis A:

That’s a nice quality recording.  Love it!  While I was on YouTube I clicked through on the “related videos” part and there’s one of Louis and Johnny Cash, and from that the related vid list had this one:

from 1968 at the Grand Ol’ Opry.  There were a few other ones with better sound quality, but it’s nice to see a performance.

Supper last night was good; I made chicken stew and dumplings, and flapper pie (the recipe submitted by lee.m).  In my googling, I discovered that flapper pie is a Western Canada thing, and was called in the rest of Canada and the U.S. simply the “graham wafer cream pie” recipe. Its origins were the recipe was on the box for graham wafers.

The filling and meringue were really good, but my crust was a little less so.  I think the meringue wept while it was chilling over night and thus soaked into the crust.  Maybe next time I’ll try a prepared graham wafer crust and see what difference it makes.  Still very tasty, though!


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