mmmMalabrigo cuffs

Yesterday I was out running a few errands and noticed that my fabulous merino wool coat (which I got at the Australian Boot Company in Vancouver) had a little gap between the end of my gloves and the bottom of the sleeve, whenever I stretched my arms out. I had the sleeves hemmed a touch when I first bought it because they were too long. I guess it’s like they say on “Are You Being Served?”, it will ride up with wear. Heh.

the gap!
the gap!

In something approaching serendipity, I came across a project idea on Ravelry for knitted wrist cuffs, so last night I got out some left-over mmmmMalabrigo worsted in “jewel blue”, 4 mm needles and cast on 36 stitches.  I worked 2×2 rib for five inches, then cast off.  perfect!

soft and warm cuffs
soft and warm cuffs

I don’t know how much yarn I used because I didn’t weigh the remnant before I started.  It was probably 1/4 or less of the skein.

easy on, easy off - and yet FABULOUS!
easy on, easy off - and yet FABULOUS!

In other news, I’ve completed the first sleeve of the seamless hybrid and have set it aside and am ready to cast on for the second.  I went to the library in my travels yesterday and have a few audio books that I can listen to while I knit.  Once I get my chores done for the day …


4 thoughts on “mmmMalabrigo cuffs”

  1. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM>>>Mighty Pretty………
    I’mmmmmmmmmmm>>>>Going to go make a pair.
    Thank -You for the pattern. Gail Lucille.

  2. Beautiful cuffs!

    I have nominated you for a blog award. (I don’t know how big a deal that is, because I got the same one), but if you want to check it out, the details are on . I really enjoy reading about your culinary, knitterly and dogly adventures. It’s been fun getting to know you- thanks!

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