melting Monday

We had a very mild weekend, lots of melting and compressing of snow.  Dogs were walked (repeatedly) snow was scraped, flightpaths in the back yard were cleared and compacted.  Knitting was done.

I’m two rounds into the body/sleeves joined completely portion of the hybrid.  I have to read ahead a little bit to make sure I know what I’m doing.  I have notes on my pattern from last time about the decreases (I didn’t like the ones EZ suggested and did something different, so I have to figure out -what- I did) and I’m going to decrease every second round, not every third.  On the first version of the hybrid, I did every third round as she suggested, even though logically and mathematically I knew I should have decreased more rapidly to compensate for the fuller sleeves I’d made.  The armscye was too deep, so this time I’d like to get it perfect.

No pics today, but you can go look on Ravelry at all the other beautiful seamless hybrid projects!


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