Seamless Hybrid #2 done, sort of

looks good from the front!
looks good from the front!

Yay!  I zipped through the rest of the hybrid saddles and neck shaping, and decided to go with a simple 1×1 rib collar, as I did on the first incarnation of the hybrid.  I was happy to finish it and love the end result.  Except for one thing.

the bottoms too floopy
the bottom's too floopy

On hybrid #1, I did the entire sweater in a broad rib, and the bottom of the body I did on smaller needles in 3×1 rib, so that snugged it in.  This construction, with the folded hem at the same body circumference of the chest, means the bottom floops out due to the big fella’s upper waist.  Oh, I should explain about the “upper waist”.

Some years ago, the RCMP finally acknowledged that not all their members were 6’4″ with 48″ chests, and members could order their uniform shirts custom tailored to their measurements.  As the big fella had a barrel chest, big neck and arms and a smaller waist, he began ordering the custom shirts.  The last time we ordered them the measuring sheet came with a new part to measure, the “upper waist”.  Basically this was a p/c term for “yer big beer gut”.

As the big fella’s upper waist was now bigger, I didn’t compensate for that when I was making this hybrid.  I think I’ll have to unravel it from the bottom, then pick up and knit down in some sort of ribbing to bring it in.  I’ve got to think about it for a while, though.

shirt yoke option
shirt yoke option
front raglan shaping and saddle detail
front raglan shaping and saddle detail

The last version of the hybrid ended being way too long in the armscye; this time I did the raglan decreases every second row, instead of every third row, and my top-of-sleeve was 38% and it was perfect.

So other than the floopy bottom, we’re both really pleased with it!

look like youre really happy with it
"look like you're really happy with it"

Oh, and happy Valentine’s day!


4 thoughts on “Seamless Hybrid #2 done, sort of”

  1. I was about to suggest the elastic thread as well but Brenda beat me to it… I honestly like it the way it is… it’s a little casual maybe, but if you cinch in at the waist, it’ll give more notice to the “upper waist” as you put it (haha) – but whatever makes the wearer comfy, that’s what you should do… but if you do decide to try to cinch it in, some elastic thread will help – start at the top of the ribbing and do 3 or 4 rounds…. it’ll pull the hem in for you 🙂

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