The Rankin Family

Woot! My sister and I saw the Rankins in Saskatoon last night.  What a great show they put on.  I can’t believe I’ve never seen them live before.  They started with North Country (oh, poor John Morris) and ended with You Feel the Same Way, Too. They had everyone on their feet for that one and the atmosphere was electric.  They came back out for an encore and did Mull River Shuffle (that clip’s from 1995) and that whole auditorium was shaking.  When Jimmy drawled out the line “getting allllll fiiiiiired up” everyone was shouting it!

They played a lot of the old favourites (not enough, I thought!), some of their recent solo songs and some from their latest album.  They didn’t play Gillis Mountain, which I would have loved to have seen/heard live:

You can browse YouTube and see lots of “in concert” videos – you have to put up with people talking and hooting and jiggly camera work, but it really does capture the energy of their show.

So it was a lot of fun and a live performance is always fantastic.

We had a quiet Valentine’s Day; we went out for lunch on Friday and decided to stay in on Saturday.  My nephew came over for supper and a visit.  I got some great news …. Ande has gotten herself engaged.  To be married!!!!  WOOOOT!  I’m so happy for her and Jim.

And lastly, I did try Brenda’s suggestion and threaded some shock cord/elastic through the hem casing on the hybrid.  I was mulling it over and realized that my two Dale of Norway sweaters have the same thing, folded hem and boxy shape and that their design is to use a cord to cinch in the bottom a little.  So I tried that and had the big fella try it on.  It did help pull in the bottom, and I do love that contrasting orange hem, but I think it would still need to be just a bit longer.  I measured it up against his other hybrid and the other one just sits lower on his hips.  So I’ll go snip a stitch and remove the hem and knit it down in some sort of ribbing.

I made this Mama’s Chocolate Velvet Cake for the big fella’s Valentine’s gift. (You have to scroll down about half-way.) It’s out of that Brass Sisters cook book. I made two heart-shaped layers, then split them, spread blackberry/raspberry jam, put whipped cream between the two cakes, covered it in a chocolate ganache, then piped whipped cream around the top. It’s very good!


3 thoughts on “The Rankin Family”

  1. We saw the Rankins last time they were through, and I would love to have seen them last night. Geoff was in from calgary for the weekend so we had the folks over for dinner instead. I think I have to check out the new stuff by the Rankins- I did see their special on TV a few weeks ago.

    I think I’m going to have to try the cake recipe. It sounds yummy!

  2. Coincidentally I saw the Rankins last night also. Mind you, it was on TV. Janice and I did see them live in Victoria though.

    One thing that struck me watching them last night is how everyone has gotten older. I can’t figure out why I’m the only person that’s not happening to.

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