empty needles

I finally, FINALLY finished those Meilenweit  (colour #1008) socks last night.

good riddance
good riddance

I had to check my Ravelry project page and found out those socks took me four months.  That’s ridiculous.  I liked the yarn in the ball, but once I started knitting it, I didn’t like the colours.  That pukey yellow just annoyed me.  I tried to do a texture pattern, but the tweediness of the yarn and the striping made the texture muddy, so I ripped them out and started over doing my usual 5×1 ribbed sock.

Now that those are done, I have absolutely nothing on the go!  Panic! Panic!  Last night I got some Cascade 220 from the stash and wound it into balls while I watched Survivor on the dvr.  (Did you know Jeff has a blog for each episode?)

I was thinking of starting a Buttonhole Bag (link to pdf) (Rav link).  The bag is made with two strands of a bulky weight yarn, so I don’t know yet how I’ll adapt it to work with the yarn I have in stash.  I need to research that a little more.

You can tell by looking at my Rav favourites that I have a lot of projects in mind, I just can’t decide on one right now.


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