I was on YouTube looking for something completely different (Mark Harmon’s role in Crossfire Trail) when I ended up looking at a bunch of NCIS clips.  (There’s TONS, many of them put up by CBS, which is great because we in Canada can’t view the vids on CBS’s website.) The big fella and I absolutely love this show and we have all of the dvd sets. I like to see the creative compilations people come up with. This one is cute; I cracked up at the 3:10 mark where Gibbs is behind DiNozzo.

I managed to find a funny scene that reminds me of the episode of M*A*S*H where Col. Potter gets raccoon eyes from the binoculars (that was “Dear Sigmund” from season 5).  It’s in two clips; in the first clip you see Gibbs’ reaction to it, then in the second clip you see McGee’s (and DiNozzo’s eventual realization that he’d been pranked).  Love it!

then (they overlap a bit)



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