Knitter’s block

I was listening to an audio book yesterday and one of the parts that made me laugh was when the heroine was spazzing out on the guy slated to be the hero of the book and she listed all the reasons why she wanted him to get lost, ending with “and I hate you” which made me think of this:

Of course once I saw that video, then I saw the ninja clip from the same movie:

“Clean up on aisle seven …”

[I can see this being Sabrina’s nightmare, except instead of the Siamese ninjas it would be Ande’s cat, Monk, whose past torment ended up with Sabrina being muzzled once she finally gave in to the urge to give him a smack down. Heh.]

But I digress.  There was a period of 24 to 36 hours over the weekend where I had nothing on my needles at all.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted to start, either.  I had a few ideas, but the yarn I have on hand wasn’t suitable for them.  Then I decided to use some of my mmmmMalabrigo and start a Bubble Pullover (Rav link) from Norah Gaughan’s book, Knitting Nature.

I’ve only just started a sleeve in order to do a gauge swatch, so it’s too soon to have anything to show.  I also started a pair of socks because I always have some on the go.

Right now I’m going to bake off some peanut butter cookies from the Brass Sisters cookbook …


3 thoughts on “Knitter’s block”

  1. yeah, but you know in his MIND he’s the spittin’ image of those skinny Siamese! (and really, all he had to do was lumber around teasing Sabrina with his tail …)

  2. Caution on the mmmMalabrigo for a sweater if it’s worsted. Rav comments say it pills like crazy, and is best avoided for clothing… 🙂 Good for hats and scarves and other lovely soft things, but unless you want to shave it daily, probably best to stay away from things that get wear.

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