thirty six freakin’ below!

Um, can someone let Mother Nature know that these extreme temps are usually reserved for December and January?  k’thx!

At least there’s no wind today.  Yet.

Nells Wonderful Peanut Butter Cookies
Nell's Wonderful Peanut Butter Cookies

The recipe is pretty much a standard peanut butter cookie with peanuts and chocolate chips added.  It’s from the Brass sisters cookbook.  It is a small recipe, only made two dozen.  They’re good, they’re tasty, but I wasn’t blown away by them.  So then I made:

puffed wheat cake
puffed wheat cake

which slays me.  “Cake”.  How pretentious.  It’s really forms of sugar, butter and some cocoa melted and poured over cereal that is otherwise unpalatable.  But mmmm, good!

I worked on those fluted socks:

8 stitch repeat instead of 6
8 stitch repeat instead of 6

I greyscaled that because the colour would be a dead give-away of for whom these socks are intended.  I’m using Elann’s house sock yarn which comes in some really nice solids.

So the astute among you might have noticed the strikethrough on the Bubble Pullover.  Yeah, I ripped that baby out.  I finished the sleeve ribbing and started the stocking stitch section.  I read the pattern through and looked around some more on the Rav and decided while it was an interesting design, it wasn’t what I felt like knitting with that mmmmMalabrigo.  So I’m tossing around some more ideas and for now will work on the socks.


I was looking around online to see if I could find some tips/ideas on packing light, but not looking like a schlep.  I was completely awed by Laurie’s recent post where she went to Madrid for six days with only two small carry-ons.  She went to Spain and didn’t have 200 pounds of luggage!  I’m going to be dashing out to Vancouver for a few days in the next little while (dates as yet unknown) and would LOVE to not have to lug along my usual overpacked, excessive bags full of “necessary” belongings.  I need to look fabulous for one day/evening and I have that outfit all ready and it’s a skirt, heels and my silk butterfly blouse.  That won’t take up much room.  But the rest – ai yi yi!! 🙂


5 thoughts on “thirty six freakin’ below!”

  1. A few years back, I purchased a full bag of Elann’s Sock Yarn on one of their ‘full bag’ sales. I loved it. Nice to work with and long lasting. The bag cost me $22.

  2. I go to my mom’s place for one night once a week. I don’t *need* to take anything- I have bathroom stuff, clothes, pjs etc. I always show up with (at least) six projects, and a stack of books.

    Last night I did it with a very tiny shoulder bag.

    My motivation was not carrying a HUGE knapsack all over the city (bus) and hockey arena.

    Personal growth!

  3. insane. so i guess you don’t want to know that i read a book while lounging in the dogs’ clam pool (fresh water) to cool off.

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