how about some YouTube Thursday?

A couple of hounds at the dog beach!  It’s breathtaking just to watch their joy in running … until the human gets taken out at the knees.  Then the grey shakes it off and with hardly a backwards glance is off and running again.

Yesterday was a glorious spring day; warm and sunny and melting, about +4 or 5° C.  When the big fella was done work we took the poopers for a nice long walk that we all thoroughly enjoyed.

again with the zombie eye
again with the zombie eye

Today of course we’re in the middle of a blizzard.  Ah, spring in Saskatchewan!

fluted socks done
fluted socks done

Last night I finished the “socks with fluted pattern”.  They turned out very nice, of course.  I would use that texture pattern again in a solid of tweedy colourway.  I think it would be too distracting/invisible in a strong self-patterning colourway.

I am going to work on the Mr. Greenjeans and also start another pair of socks because the other day I received this:


a box overflowing with fabulous goodies – all for me!!  Thanks, my friend!  There’s some Berocco Sox yarn and also a “flat” of sock yarn from conjoined creations. There’s a good explanation of what a sock blank is here, about 2/3 down the page.  Woot!

Hmm, what else has been going on?  I saw my physiotherapist today to get my ribs tuned up.  Actually it wasn’t so much my “problem” ribs as it was the rhomboid muscles that keep knotting up. The big fella went insane and suggested that I not knit or compute for a week to see if it went away. Crazy talk! I still can’t get my computer any more ergonomically set up, so I will have to be more diligent with my thoracic stretches and exercises.

I tried another Brass Sisters recipe, this time for lemon poppy seed cake.  It turned out pretty good; I should have let it bake maybe three more minutes, but the top was starting to get over-brown, so I took it out.  Now I have poppy seeds stuck in my teeth.  This recipe used sour cream, so it’s nice and moist and has a slight tang to it.

OH!  and I booked my flight and whatnot for my trip to Vancouver in May.  Can I get a “woot”?!


5 thoughts on “how about some YouTube Thursday?”

  1. Woot! cubed!

    Poor pupper, looking at her like, “Ow, why did you do that? Are you okay? Are you gonna get up, you big baby? No? Oh well. […wanders off]”
    She fell on that poor dog pretty hard.

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