Revenge of Apollo’s Baby

Apollo’s Auntie Ande made him his very own baby.  He is insane about it!  Kill the squirrel! That squirrel appears all over the house, taunting Apollo with his faux-hawk hairdo, and mocking smile.  Some days it’s just too much to bear:

aaauuugh!  must! kill! squirrel!
aaauuugh! must! kill! squirrel!

[steve irwin voice] the squirrel has been momentarily subdued by the greyhounds attack[\steve irwin]
(steve irwin voice) the squirrel has been momentarily subdued by the greyhound's sneak attack (/steve irwin)

the squirrel revives ...
the squirrel revives ... and puts up a futile struggle

do you want a piece of this?!
"do you want a piece of this?!"

you bore me with your infantile antics
"you bore me with your infantile antics"

Apollo puts the squirrel out of its misery
with an efficient snap of his powerful jaws, Apollo puts the squirrel out of its misery

keep your friends close ... and your enemies closer
keep your friends close ... and your enemies closer

After a valiant battle, the squirrel submits to his fate …. or HAS he?!

hes behind me, isnt he?
he's behind me, isn't he?

To continue another day!

Yesterday the poopers had their annual vet appointment.  It went very well.  They are fit and hale and healthy and it wasn’t TOO scary.  Sabrina’s put on a couple of pounds, which she can easily handle and Apollo is about the same.  We had several errands to run yesterday afternoon, in addition to the vet appointment, so we made a family afternoon of it.

As a little treat for doing so well at their vet appointment, we bought this stupid rubber chicken dog toy for them.  Apollo’s much more leery of it than Sabrina and we have to make sure we put it away at bedtime so we don’t wake up at 3 in the morning listening to this:

Oh, that cracks me up.  Apollo was so terribly brave to go in there at the end and nibble on the chicken’s toes!  (And yes, I know my voice is two octaves higher whenever I talk to my baby boy, Apollo.)

So in addition to working on the Mr. Greenjeans aka Monsieur Aurora Borealis (Rav link), I’ve started the super secret project.  Here’s a teaser:

casting on
casting on

I’m digging those fabUlous fish stitch markers courtesy of Ande!

a close up of the swatch
a close up of the swatch

As the super secret project recipient may or may not read this blog, I must be vague.  And greyscale.  🙂

I am so, so loving the mmmMalabrigo I’m using for Mr. Greenjeans:

emerald blue Malabrigo merino worsted
emerald blue Malabrigo merino worsted

The mods I can see me doing to the pattern will be to make the torso length about 14″ or so, much the same as I did for the February Lady Sweater (Rav link) and I will also make the sleeves full length.  I’ll have to run some numbers to see how full I want to make the sleeves, though.

And I also dug through my sock yarn stash and pulled out some nicely aged Regia 4-fädig in a sort of dark chili pepper colour (#5571).  I’m going to make them with the harris tweed/waffle texture stitch and I can’t wait to see how the colour variations will work up!

After yet one more morning of ridiculously cold (i.e. -40° C) temps, I am now officially CRANKY about this damn weather.  Enough!!  Be gone!  And take that damn ever-present wind chill with ya!


9 thoughts on “Revenge of Apollo’s Baby”

  1. Cindi was more interested in the squeaking of your chicken than playing with the one she has downstairs.

    The farting warthog is our toy of choice at the moment.

  2. You have quickly become one of my favorite blogs to read.

    The combination of Greyhounds (of which I am owned by two Bruts and Penny) and knitting. Somehow we are old friends with so much in common. *grin*

    I cannot help but smile when my greys play with their toys. It just makes me happy no matter the kind of day I have had. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your joyful two with the rest of us. I am required to smile when I see your posts.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the squirrel toy.
    I will need to consider getting some felted toy pattern books and consider making my two their own toys.

  3. Did Ande knit that very cool squirrel? He looks so real. Apollo has a love/hate relationship with it, eh? Sabrina’s chicken frightens me too. Poor baby Apollo. He knows there is some VERY UNNATURAL about that chicken! Some alien life form maybe. And it smells all wrong, mommy. Stay away!

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