our weekends are boring …

but we like it that way!

Sabrina greets the big fella with a squeak!
Sabrina greets the big fella with a squeak!

Whenever we leave (together or individually) and arrive back home, the welcoming party consists of Sabrina and some type of squeaky toy.  Of course now that we have Creepy Chicken in the house, that’s the “go to” squeaker of choice.  The big fella is following behind her in that photo.

hes not trying to leave, is he?!
"he's not trying to leave, is he?!"

After about 30 minutes of that, I sneakily hid the chicken away.

auugh - shes touching me!
"auugh - she's touching me!"

I love how Apollo’s giving the big fella a wild-eyed look.  “Make her stop touching me!”

When I was out last week running some errands, I picked up a little bag of these Cadbury mini creme eggs.  I find the big eggs are just too damn sweet to eat.  But these little guys …


I probably shouldn’t buy any more because they didn’t last long in here.

I wanted to try this cookie recipe (from Smitten Kitchen); I think it’s one I’ll make again.

three dozen
three dozen

(Oh and can I just say once again how much I LOVE that LG oven – three racks, pretty blue enamel interior!)

There was some knitting:

red hot chili waffle socks
red hot chili waffle socks

I picked these up and worked on them a bit.  I was sick of doing the cables on the M. Aurora Borealis, so I set it aside for a bit.

but its coming along nicely
but it's coming along nicely

Winter still has its grip on us.  The weekend was cold and windy and not much chance for w-a-l-k-s with the poopers.  Now we’re getting some snow.  But it’s supposed to warm up later in the week.  Really.


5 thoughts on “our weekends are boring …”

  1. Rubber chickens are inherently funny. Ours made an appearance as a partridge in a pear tree at a Grinch Christmas party many years ago. I loved the video of Apollo poking it with his nose.

    That blue sweater looks to be gorgeous- what wool is that again?

  2. Cute squeaky adventures. It brings back fond memories of my Min. Pinscher. He LOVED his squeaky. My pet store would let him pick out his own toy. He would squeak as many as it took until one sounded ‘just right’ and it had to be long enough and soft enough to flap his head when he gave it a shake. Very sweet boy he was! I miss him.
    Anywho, I enjoy your blog for its dogs and cute explanations. The knitting is the cream on top, thanks!

  3. Have you tried the Cadbury Mini Eggs? The ones with the candy shell? I’m totally addicted. I’m glad they are going to be hard to find in a few weeks.

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