BlueTube Thursday

a little bluegrass for ya:

I couldn’t find one with better quality audio, but this one’s not bad.   Alison Krauss started recording when she was 14 and was pretty successful. We liked her music, back in the day.

Nothing exciting here this week so far:

Sabrina dead to the world.  Nice drool there ...
Sabrina dead to the world. Nice drool there ...
Apollo sleepily contemplates his big foot
Apollo sleepily contemplates his big foot

Sabrinas yearbook pose
Sabrina's "yearbook" pose
how YOU doin?
how YOU doin'?

We did take the poopers out for a good long walk yesterday; the wind chill had abated to -17, so doable.  We are all four of us eagerly awaiting the melt.  Any time now would be good.


2 thoughts on “BlueTube Thursday”

  1. Austin City Limits had a show on with Alison Kraus and Union Station a couple of years ago. It was the first time I’d ever heard her, so when she released the album with Robert Plant I raced out and bought it. I would have been better off with Union Station. The Robert Plant one I found a little, shall I say, sleep-inducing. Oh well.
    You are a much better dog parent than I am- it takes way warmer than minus 17 before I’m taking the dogs out. They’re okay; I’m the sissy.

  2. Hello…Hello.

    Just stumbled upon your site…I love your dogs!

    When I was a kid, my father and his brother raced greyhounds in the Portland, Oregon area. I spent all my summers helping with the dogs…little did I really understand (till my mid-teens) what would really happen to them if they weren’t good at racing.

    I will say that my father loved those dogs (their kennel really was a small time operation) and treated them with care and kindness (ya, except for the end.) To this day I can still remember the feeding (a GREAT diet), sprinting, cleaning the kennels (it seems that we endlessly shredded newsprint for new bedding), and the birth of some puppies. Heck, the dog kennel even had an air conditioner while we had none!

    Thank you for your kindness to these wonderful dogs.

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