freezing drizzle

I don’t know how those of you who experience freezing drizzle, ice pellets, etc. off and on during the winter cope.  Yesterday and last night we had this, so now everything’s coated with a layer of solid ice.  Poor Sabrina almost broke her neck going down the deck stairs last night.  We had a little bit of snow during the night, so now the ice is hiding beneath the snow.  And it doesn’t look like it’s going to melt until maybe the weekend.  Blech.

We tried to go for a walk yesterday afternoon, but it was very slow going and quite treacherous.  We didn’t really enjoy it, none of us.

make the ice go away ...
make the ice go away ...

I was worried the entire time someone was going to fall and break something.

Mr. Handsome
Mr. Handsome

That M. Aurora Borealis/Mr. Greenjeans is soooo close to being finished:

working on the button band now
working on the button band now

I could even finish it today, if I applied myself.

its hard work, being this gorgeous!
it's hard work, being this gorgeous!
Apollo agrees
Apollo agrees
shell have her eye on you!
she'll have her eye on you!

I did a little baking experiment on the weekend.  I made another batch of that cookie dough and formed it into balls/scoops and flash-froze them.  Then yesterday I baked off 8 of them.  I let the dough balls thaw while the oven was preheating.  They turned out pretty good.  I think next time I would flatten the balls a little before freezing as these didn’t spread out like the first batch.  They still tasted great, but I would like to try the next batch more flattened.


4 thoughts on “freezing drizzle”

  1. I saw this same recipe on the net somewhere last week and made the cookies on Friday. Even at room temp they still didn’t flatten much. Next time, I think I will flatten them with a fork before baking. I also switched temps after the first tray to 350. Delicious cookies.

  2. i have no idea how people with freezing drizzle cope either. oh, that’s because i don’t experience it. HA HA HA! no, i really do miss winters. not FD, though.

    i hope your greys take photos of you sleeping off a hard night’s knitting. no. no way could our sleep poses compete with the lolling tongues.

  3. Sorry to hear about the weather. I don’t walk my dog when its cold so I am in the same boat.
    Your captions make me giggle and feel good. Thank you! Give both cuties a hug from this fan many miles away…

  4. Well you don’t ever want to live here than.

    We get snow, ice pellets, freezing rain, rain, snow etc and that all can occur in the same half hour.

    Winter temperatures can fluctuate from a -20c to 10c to -15c in a matter of a few hours, black ice often makes winter driving a problem here.

    The freeze thaw cycle makes it hard to adapt to the cold as it is a damp bone chilling cold.

    All last week it was sunny, 1c-4c, lovely, last night it snowed.

    Robin says woof to the BIG dogs.

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