M. Aurora Borealis done

Monday afternoon I finished the button band on Mr. Greenjeans/M. Aurora Borealis.  I was finished in time to wear it out for supper with the fam.

thats my hurry up and take the damn picture; were late for supper! face
that's my "hurry up and take the damn picture; we're late for supper!" face

The back:

I added a couple of inches of length in the torso
I added a couple of inches of length in the torso

Other mods were to use just a M1 increase on the raglans, and I made the sleeves full length (I did 43 more rounds after the decreases were complete, and I did 29 rows of the rib/cable pattern for the cuff).  I moved the button hole down three stitches from where the pattern says to start it.

front detail
front detail

It turned out quite nicely and of course the mmmMalabrigo is so soft, it will always be a treat to wear.

Yesterday I used some of the frozen cookie dough and let it thaw completely before baking.  I also flattened the dough balls down before I put them in the oven.  They turned out very nice.

I also made this sour cream chocolate cake and it also turned out quite nicely. So moist. I didn’t have enough brown sugar on hand (was going to get groceries in the afternoon) so I made my own:

To 1 cup granulated sugar, add 2 Tablespoons molasses. Stir together until evenly mixed with a fork.

I actually ended up using my pastry blender as it did the job better.  I also subbed bittersweet chocolate for the unsweetened, so I reduced the “brown” sugar to 2 c plus 1 Tbs.  I didn’t put an icing or ganache on it, just an icing sugar glaze.  It’s very, very good.  Yummy.


4 thoughts on “M. Aurora Borealis done”

  1. Your mods make this a perfect cardi/sweater for you, especially the length. I really like the color you chose also. 🙂

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