Tuesday, but Sunday

Today is Tuesday, but it’s like the big fella’s Sunday.  He got back on the for-real Sunday after five days working up north in an isolated detachment.  So he took Mon/Tues as his “weekend”.

fly in/out
fly in/out

The plane is a Pilatus PC-12 (a Swiss aircraft) and is quite fast.  Way, way faster than the old favourite, the Twin Otter.

Oh, that reminds me – here’s a pretty cool video of the same plane, C-FMPW landing on the same strip, but complicated because there was another Pilatus halfway down the runway that couldn’t be moved.  The info on the vid says, The first Pilatus blew a tire when it landed at Wollaston, Saskatchewan, blocking the runway. They didn’t have any equipment to move the aircraft so they NOTAM’d the airport closed and flew another RCMP Pilatus up from Regina with a new tire and an engineer on board. This is a video of his landing, excellent job I might add, as the first aircraft was halfway down the airstrip and prevented any other aircraft from taking off or landing for about three hours.”

they have way more snow there than us
they have way more snow there than us

Photos taken by the big fella.

The poopers were very happy to have him back (as was I).  Sabrina in particular misses him when he’s gone, more so than Apollo.  She kept checking to see if cars passing by or if the car door she heard were him.

pathetic little heap of hound ... waiting with her chicken
pathetic little heap of hound ... waiting with her chicken

Apollo’s not as bothered:

Is that him?  No?  Then how about a cookie?!
"Is that him? No? Then how about a cookie?!"

Last week I had the stock handlebars replaced on my Pee Wee Herman bike with some big ol’ longhorn “cruiser” bars.  I can’t wait to get back on it:


They make it much more comfy to ride, almost completely upright instead of crouched over the bars.

all I need are some streamers to go in the ends of the grips!
all I need are some streamers to go in the ends of the grips!

(BTW, the crazy paint scheme came with the house.  This was one of the kid’s bedrooms in the basement.  It’s as horrid in real life as in the pics.  And the ceiling is painted grass green.  Ugh.  But I like the cork flooring.)

I still need to put the handlebar basket back on.

Yesterday my dad came over and we took the three manky, old, very dated ceiling fans that graced the front entrance, the dining area and our bedroom and replaced them with lovely brushed nickel and glass fixtures.  Fabulous!  What a change it has made!

I’ve been doing a bit of knitting, but it’s on the super-secret project, so I can’t share the details here.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday, but Sunday”

  1. My big, scary German Shepherd Hank mopes by the front door from the time my mountie leaves for his shift until he comes home. Every time. Now that he’s on five months parental leave, Hank should be overjoyed.

  2. You call that a ‘cruiser’ bike. Is that the bike of my childhood? I have been looking for one like that for a couple of years. Not to do serious cycling, but just for a fun trip to the post office or bank.

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