rats – more gauge dysfunction

I have knit about 8″ of the second try at the super-secret project and have realized that now I think it’s going to be too big.  Grrrr.  I am going to set it aside and think about it a while, but I likely will end up ripping it out and trying over.  I’m using yarn that is a bigger gauge than the pattern calls for, so have been using my mad math skilz to try and adapt it, but I didn’t take into account the nature of the stitch … it’s not pulling in as much as I anticipated.

oh look - pretty wool!
oh look - pretty wool!

I saw an ad on the Rav for a sale at Red Bird Knits so I ordered in enough Cascade 220 Heathers for a couple of sweaters. That is #8400 (charcoal grey heather) on the left and 9465 (some shade of brown) on the right.

the colours are richer and more saturated than shown here
the colours are richer and more saturated than shown here

While I had the camera out, I tried another pic of the “marine” Malabrigo:

very close in colour
very close in colour

So while the super-secret project sits on the back burner, I’ll go back to working on the red hot chili waffle socks.  I’m almost at the heel flap on both.

The past couple of days we’ve had around freezing, slightly above temps, so the snow is starting to disappear.  Most of the walking path on the river is bare, there are just a handful of super icy spots where the sun doesn’t get to work its magic because of big shady trees.  Won’t be long now!


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