I just saw this commercial on tv:

Hilarious!  It’s spoofing the movie Flashdance (1983) but the guy does it so well! Bwa ha ha!

In knitting news, I’ve set aside the super-secret project for a while.  I need to think on it some more and maybe find a yarn that matches the pattern gauge.  In the meantime, I’ve decided to cast on for a Gathered Pullover. I’m still reading on the Rav about mods people have made, how much ease, etc. so lately I’ve been working a bit on the waffle socks.


One thought on “I just saw this commercial on tv:”

  1. I’m sure his parents are so happy about all the money they spent on acting and dance lessons. 🙂

    Some day when I stop knitting socks, that is a sweater I might like to try.

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