I’m completely comfortable …

why do you ask?!
why do you ask?!

And checking in with Mr. Apollo:

whaaa?  what the ...
whaaa? what the ...

I finished the Red Hot Chili Waffle socks yesterday.  I’m wearing them right now!  I love that colour.

waffle socks
waffle socks
waffle texture
waffle texture

I finished these socks just before we had to leave for supper with the fam.  I brought a double batch of Dauphinoise Potatoes (a fancy schmancy version of scalloped potatoes, except you don’t make a bechamel sauce). They were SO good! I thought there might have been some leftovers, but they were all gobbled up. Yum!  I had read some conflicting reports online at various recipe sites that sometimes the potatoes didn’t cook, etc.  The secret, I think, is to make sure you slice your potatoes super-thin; you need a mandoline (this is what I have and it worked wonderfully).  Oh, Ande, you could make these for pickyJim and they’re NOT scalloped potatoes.

When we got home, after we walked the poopers and got them settled in, I took this sock blank that the ever-fabulous Ande had given me:

sock blank
sock blank

and started a pair of socks for the big fella.  I might be a little short on yardage, but if so I will find a suitable complementary yarn to finish the toes.  So anyway, I cut it in half (there’s waste yarn in the middle) and got started.  One simply begins to unravel the yarn from the blank, and knit that directly into the sock.  It’s pretty cool.  The instructions state you need to wash/block the finished socks to remove the slight kink/crimp in the yarn from being loosely knit before they apply the dye.  I love the colours in this one – it’s too soon to tell how they’ll play out in the sock.

wez on ur carpet, waitin fer R cookies!
we'z on ur carpet, waitin fer R cookies!
Apollo out!
Apollo out!

9 thoughts on “I’m completely comfortable …”

  1. Oh, Sabrina! Best.greyhound.pic.evah.
    Those potatoes sound awesome, I’ll have to try them–you’re becoming my favorite food blog! 🙂

  2. We’z on ur carpet… Priest has been lying like that a lot more lately. I think he learned it from one of the fosters, because he didn’t do it when we first brought him home! That reminds me, I need to feed Priest more cookies. He lost body fat over the winter (and he had practically none to lose!). I don’t think he’ll mind, though!

  3. I love the chili waffle socks! You are the fastest knitter ever. I saw the blanks for sale a couple months ago and am very interested to see how your socks turn out.

    I made a very similar potato dish just last night. The directions are just the same except you simmer the potato slices in the cream for a few minutes and then put it all in the dish to bake.

    Sabrina is such a beauty queen.

  4. Those socks actually took me about a month, but I was knitting other things in there. I like socks – quick, portable, pretty much instant gratification.

    So far the socks from the blank are just random lines of colour, no big pools of colour. Very nice!

    Some of the other recipes I saw for this similar dish called for the potato slices to be simmered first; too much work, I thought, and went ahead and crossed my fingers that the Canadian Living recipe would be foolproof!

  5. i’m ethically against making socks. no, not making them. finishing them. if i make that kind of claim, then i can excuse my slackarynessessence.

    love apollo’s attempt at tongue. it’s like he’s trying to imitate or copy sabrina with the tongue, but his eyes are looking for approval: “Is this how it’s done?”

  6. OMFG! Sabrina cracks me up! Silly girl!
    I think I may try those potatoes tonight! That sock blank was too cool, I had to get it for you!

  7. Hey! I’ve been reading your blog now and then and I have been enjoying it very much, especially the pictures of your wonderful dogs! Feel free to browse our website. Mila is a Rhodesian Ridgeback and Aida is a Ridgemix (probably has some Greyhound or something). She loves resting on the couch bellyside up!

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