three strikes

Just like the State of California.  I have implemented a “three strikes and you’re out” rule with my knitting.  I started the Gathered Pullover three times.  It’s out of chances now.  First try was following the pattern which called for a rolled stocking stitch hem.  Ugh – rolled so much; after much research on the Rav I realized others had a similar problem. I ripped it out, then began again, this time doing a few rounds of stocking stitch, then a few rounds of 2×2 rib. I had hoped the ribbing would stop the rolling. Nope. So then I started a third time and decided a garter stitch hem would fix it. Well, no. That bottom edge was rolling up like a mofo; I aggressively steam blocked it and still it rolled. Auuugh! Stop the rolling!!  I think part of it is because it’s knit at a much looser (ha – just typed “loser”) and drapier gauge than the yarn normally would call for.  I couldn’t face giving it a fourth try (and using just a simple ribbed hem) so I have unraveled it.  The yarn is now sitting in the ottoman until I decide what its punishment should be.

nice colours
nice colours

You can see how crimped the yarn is coming off the blank.  It makes the stitches a little uneven or mis-shapen, but a good blocking will smooth it all out.  I like the colours.

blues, greens, tans
blues, greens, tans

I saw this the other day and it cracked me up:

funny dog pictures

Possibly one of Sabrina and Apollo’s shirt-tail relatives. (Yes, some dog sledders do breed greyhounds into their lines to amp up the speed.)

It’s cooler today, and cloudy.  I’m going to make some apple crisp, I think.


5 thoughts on “three strikes”

  1. I have the same “three strikes, you’re out” rule. Sometimes I don’t even make it to 3 times but I try to stick with it, some yarns have been punished for way too long in my stash! 😉

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