Sunday Startitis

Over the weekend I cast on for a few new projects.  I had been doing some swatching and browsed the Rav to see what other cute projects I could make with that Elann sport weight yarn.  I decided to start a Not-so-Shrunken Cardigan (great top down design) (Rav link).  Now that I’m into the pattern a little, I wish there were exact stitch counts and a schematic, but I like the ruffle idea, so I’ll keep on with it.  It’s nothing crucial, just that I like to have exact stitch counts in the pattern for the number of stitches to be held for the sleeves, and a schematic to show all the pertinent measurements.  That’s all.

We went out in the afternoon and walked the dogs up to my parents’ house for a visit.  It was fairly warm – not warm enough to put on a fleece or bunnyhug, but still not warm enough for a short-sleeved t-shirt (which was what I was wearing).  So once we got back I decided I needed some full length armwarmers.  I had some Noro Cashmere Island that I’d ordered when I got some for my sister’s Xmas gift. I had used this fingerless mitts pattern (Rav link) for my sister’s wrist warmers (with a bit of modification) so I will base the armwarmers on that.  I started with 52 stitches and will decrease down to about 44 st. for the wrist and palm part of the armwarmers.  I’m winging it.  But oh, love the Cash Island!

Then I looked in my knitting bag and saw a lone ball of mmmMalabrigo in “solymar” (navy and goldenrod colourway).  I had used half of the hank for a hat which I used for two winters of skiing; I loved the colourway but didn’t have enough left over to make something else, so I ripped out the ski hat, washed and wound it up and voila, I have a full hank’s worth of yarn.  I decided to cast on for a slouchy hat. Originally I was thinking of Felicity but I didn’t like how many decreases were at the top. I browsed the Rav and found this slouchy hat on the Drops website. (Rav link).

watching tv with their eyes closed
watching tv with their eyes closed

So I now have four things on the go (including the blank socks)!  And I’ve been looking on the Rav for some sweater projects to use with my recently acquired Cascade 220 heathers.

I got my pee wee herman bike out for its spring inaugural ride on Friday.  The new handlebars are FAB!  I love sitting upright and there’s much less strain on my wrists and shoulder.  I rode down the path by the river and was very surprised to see the ice breaking up and moving along.  When we’d been out walking the poopers that morning, the river was still solid (but very rotten in places).  By the time we’d taken the dogs out after supper, the river was completely clear.

look - no sweaters!
look - no sweaters!

Yesterday evening the river was full of chunks of ice and ice floes.

North Saskatchewan River 19 April
North Saskatchewan River 19 April

Oh look!  A nice big chunk of ice for the big fella when the time comes.  (For those of you who have not seen “Talking to Americans” with Rick Mercer, we Canadians set our elderly adrift on ice floes and pelt them with Timbits.)

my poopers!
my babies!

(It’s so nice to have our walking path back after the looooong winter!)

pooped out poopers!
pooped out poopers!

We went out Saturday night for a social engagement with some people the big fella works with.  That was fun!  And we’re going out next weekend, too.  Such social butterflies (not).

I tried a recipe for some banana chocolate chip cookies, but they were rather craptastic.  I cooked them for considerably longer than the recipe called for and they still were mooshy.  I did use a bit more banana than called for, so that’s part of the problem.  But they also just didn’t taste that great.  I won’t use that recipe again.  Oh, that reminds me – I’ve added a page “recipes” to my blog so I can easily find all these great recipes that I’ve tried.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Startitis”

  1. I’ve made banana cookies using plain banana chips instead of fresh banana (not the chocolate covered variety chips though – they usually use cheap, nasty tasting chocolate). I just crumbled them a bit before adding to my favorite cookie batter. We like a combination of rolled oats/banana chips/coconut best, but I bet chocolate would work nicely as well 🙂

  2. I think we made the same banana cookies. Did you see them recently on Keyboard Biologist? Mine were terrible and I gave them all away (you can put out almost any food at the office and it will get eaten).

  3. You got me! Being an uninformed American, I had to look up Timbits. I thought, “How nice that they send them off with a snack. I hope my kids will think of that when my time comes.” You DO really put the old ones out on ice floes don’t you?

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